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Online dream journal aid

Postby Zhitzu » 07 Dec 2013 20:15

Hi there...

I've been working on an online dream journal tool that contains an online dream journal, statistics over dreams, searchable tags and more.

At first I was making this tool to myself to make it easier to have a full overview over ones dreams, but as this project came along I thought that I would make this little tool available for all you lucid dreamers out there :)

I've made a user-system where you can create an account and store your dreams with all statistics tools coming handy, and every dream, username and password is highly encrypted so you are sure that no one else can get into your dream journal.

I've used this tool for a little while, and have found it very handy, and I hope that some of you can use this too.

It's very free, so check it out :)

You can find this on:

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Re: Online dream journal aid

Postby amy » 08 Dec 2013 19:03

I LOVE IT<3. Its perfect. Are you going to make an app for it?

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Re: Online dream journal aid

Postby Zhitzu » 16 Dec 2013 18:02

Yes, an app is coming. Other new features on the webpage will also come :)

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Re: Online dream journal aid

Postby RustyMinecart » 19 Dec 2013 07:28

Very impressive, just amass some more members and you will be set!
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Re: Online dream journal aid

Postby deschainXIX » 19 Dec 2013 22:08

Not really. Apparently, it crashed and I lost every dream I had recorded. I wouldn't trust it if I were you

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Well said.

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