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Resistant Starch

Posted: 07 Jun 2014 14:17
by Shibby30
This comes from a wholly different topic: paleo/ancestral health and nutrition but it may show great promise in lucid dreaming.

In the paleo online community, there is a shift towards gut health being the major point of concern. Much is written about probiotics but prebiotics are the new hot thing. Noteably something called "Resistant Starch." This is a type of starch that is usually found in raw potatoes or green bananas and plantains, and beans, among other sources. It cannot be digested and acts like fiber until it hits the large intestine where it is fermented, which is the real reason to eat fiber. Not to get things moving but to give the beneficial bacteria in the gut food.

The reason I mention resistant starch or RS here is that it has been widely reported that when a person begins supplementing with RS, they notice great improvements in sleep. Including: dreaming all night like the dream is a movie, with highly vivid dreams, and the tendency to remember the entire night of dreaming. As well as restful sleep at the same time.

I've been playing with RS recently and yes, I'm totally having vivid dreams that I can remember. I'm not taking enough to remember the whole night's dreams but I can sit there in the morning and go through large portions of many of my dreams just as they occurred the night before.

Since I've only been trying to lucid dream again for several weeks, I haven't had any and had one or two close calls. But this can be much more promising without that nyquil like fog that other LD supplements have given me. RS does cause epic flatulance until your body adjusts.

Now, there are many ins and outs to playing with the gut microbiome like this and I recommend researching this extensively before just downing a whole green plantain or something.

I think this side effect occurs because a healthy gut microbiome manufactures significantly more seratonin and other neurotransmitters, including probably: melatonin.

This is one of the main sites about resistant starch:

FYI, the blogger of the site tends to rant and cuss people out for almost no reason at times.

Or just google resistant starch.

I recommend with any probiotics or resistant starch to start with extremely small doses and work up. Many side effects can occur with an acute shift in the gut.

Re: Resistant Starch

Posted: 07 Jun 2014 14:56
by Karin
Thanks for sharing this. I totally believe in the gut-brain connection, I have found out about this the hard way, battling chronic illness affecting the brain in the family, and witnessing absolutely mind-blowing effects on consciousness from diet changes, antimicrobial treatments, probiotics, etc... I think there will be great progress made in medicine now that mainstream research has started looking at the connection between gut flora and a variety of chronic conditions. I also have great hope that a procedure called stool transplant will be very beneficial in many conditions.

I also found out years ago by trial and error that a paleo-type of diet was the most beneficial in the family, before the term paleo-diet even came out. That is, a diet free of processed foods, sugar, grains and dairy, and rich in vegetables and olive oil. Over time it has kept evolving, right now I am eating some millet and quinoa too (so I am not on a paleo diet anymore), and I removed all meat from mammals a year ago.

I still am very careful with resistant starch though. True, it will help the bacteria colonies, but unfortunately it can also help some 'bad' bacteria growth. It is a fine balancing art for me...

I didn't know though that these resistant starches were having an effect on LDs. That's interesting! I have to look more into that...

Please keep posting what you find out!

Re: Resistant Starch

Posted: 07 Jun 2014 18:59
by Shibby30
Thanks for the reply. I think this is why the people tinkering with RS are now all about soil based probiotics and simply not being afraid to go out in nature and ingest what's out there in the soil.

Much of the literature and blog posts out there speak of how RS can begin to shift the gut environment to an acidic one that favors good bacteria. Of course if there's some sort of powerful dysbiosis or parasite it could potentially exacerbate the conditions.

Currently I'm moving a little away from paleo and more in the Weston A Price diet, or integrating the two. Where the WAP says that the problem and solution is to eat like we did before industrialization. I'm actually eating fermented brown rice as I type. I'm also about to make some sourdough bread.

Re: Resistant Starch

Posted: 08 Jun 2014 01:51
I never thought about how the flora, or bacterial eco-system in our gut, can affect our brains. Not until Karin brought it up in another topic. It actually makes a lot of sense. I do know seratonin is produced mostly down there in that area and not in the brain, and is responsible for a sense of well being. And it goes hand in hand with melatonin, and the two affect our sleep pattern, appetite, and mood.

Next time you eat, think about not just feeding yourself, but all the billions of citizens living in you. You don't want to cause a revolt! They need to eat too, and like us, they release gas. Next time you fart in a crowded elevator, just say, "It wasn't me. It was the pent-up farts of all my friendly citizens living inside me!" (I'm sure they'll understand! :? :lol: )

When it comes to diet fads, I like to think about evolution. For thousands of years, we never ate much sugar. It was very hard to find. Now, we have an abundance and our bodies are not capable of dealing with it. So there is a lot of truth to the Paleo Diet. Animal fat is not so bad for you, it's the sugar, and the cheap, subsidized corn syrup that is killing all the Americans (and Canadians, and others who eat processed foods, and drink a gallon of soda from 7-11).

Re: Resistant Starch

Posted: 08 Jun 2014 02:06
I wonder how Capsaicin effects our guts, and our dreams. We all know the cliche: Spicy food before bed gives you crazy dreams. I wonder if there is an element of truth to that.

Re: Resistant Starch

Posted: 06 Aug 2014 17:53
by boardsenseless
This is interesting. I am currently doing a nutrition course in the UK and someone asked a question about turmeric. They have noticed vastly improved sleep since taking it but wildly vivid dreams as well. The resident endocrinologist suggested it could be to do with gut microbiomes and insulin sensitising effects. So, I came on here to see if anyone else had used turmeric as an aid for LDs and what has been said here about RS is interesting and seems to link in with that. Interestingly, cooked cold rice is high in RS and, although, not strictly paleo rice is often included in modern paleo style diets, especially for athletes who need the extra carbs. This leads me to wondering if steamed rice cold with turmeric could be a winner for supper time.

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