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Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 04:02
I was trying to look up information on the internet, and there is so much that I would become a doctor with a PhD before I finished reading it all!

I'll sum it up in one word.... DIGESTION. (There are so many chemicals involved in breaking down food and converting it to the things our body can use it's mind blowing.)

So yea, I agree. It's not so simple.
But I've heard many accounts that bananas work for some reason. So it must be the vitamins, compounds and chemicals in it. Or perhaps they trigger the release of endogenous chemicals in our brains, I don't know.

I believe in evolution and we're all descendants from monkeys. We should listen to our respected ancestors for they knew the truth to spiritual awakenings and transcending consciousness! :D

Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 05:13
by Peter
I have been playing with diet for sports and health for a longtime and it just a minefield of contradictions and body adaptations.
One of the keys is good balance but that also need to suit body type (fast or slow metabolism) expected energy usage and supported by exercise and so on.

I think most things will help but a lot of the time only once and due to intent and expectations. I used to eat millions of bananas for cycling food and it made little difference. I think you could wear red socks to bed and get lucid if you believed it would help due to strong intent.

And meditate like a monkey - try it and look forward to the report

Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 08:06
There's a Buddhist meditation philosophy about the "monkey-mind" that swings from tree to tree and is never home and never focused. Bananas may only fuel my restless mind. :D

I believe intent is the main reason why I lucid dream and WBTB helps because it changes my focus and I become noticeably more mindful and lucid (thinking clearly) after a short respite from sleep to gather my senses while my body is still ready to go back into 'sleep mode'.

Might as well try some red socks too for fun. I'll do an experiment with One sock, Two socks, Red Socks, Blue Socks..... (Dr. Suess Joke)
But that's nonsense. I read in a popular lucid dream book that 1.5 green socks work best. ;)

I'm joking around and after a while being here, listening to everything, we can all agree there is no magic formula to lucid dream is there? If there was, you'd be a millionaire.

Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 09:10
by Peter
Try a sock with a hole in it or a small stone as that will annoy you and keep you just that little bit focused so that you can stay awake while you go to sleep.

Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 09:45
You know what the funny thing is, Peter.
You're not wrong!

A hole in your sock will keep your mind focused and grounded on the corporeal body, feeling every slight breeze on your big toe, as your ethereal body floats out. You sleep but are aware of your body at the same time and that is key to an OOBE. If the 'holy sock', (adj. for 'full of holes'), was red, that is even better because we humans are drawn and shocked by that color in paintings, advertisement, and art due to psychological reasons. (Red lips, red blood, anything red is always noticeable). And that will keep our minds focused even more on that holy sock with our Big TOE.

The scary thing is, although that was mostly BS, it kind of makes sense in a way. I went off topic, but had fun with that and hope others realize how much BS there is on the internet about lucid dreaming and there is no 'get rich quick scheme'. I felt like making a parody of it all. :mrgreen:

Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 25 Sep 2014 15:05
by Peter
awesome and I am having fun as well. We take it all far to seriously most of the time and yes there is an element of truth to idea.

My way of brainstorming and I like it

Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 21 Oct 2014 21:08
by Jimjule
I'd just like to throw in my contribution as far as bananas are concerned. I read this a week or so ago and have eaten bananas every day since, usually when I get up with toast, and as a snack a couple of hours before bed.
I think my dreams have been reliably more vivid, although I have gone back to sleep more in the mornings recently, so this may also have been a factor.

Re: Natural Supplements

Posted: 02 Nov 2014 19:57
by Old Traveler
See my posts under Lucid Dream Aids.
Old Traveler