3 OBE-like WILDs in 2 days. Was food an important part?

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3 OBE-like WILDs in 2 days. Was food an important part?

Postby Highlander » 19 Sep 2014 19:05

I still have my average of 2 LDs a week. My last WILD was a month ago. My WILDs are mostly OBEs, because i always start my dreams in my bed and when in vibration, i have to detach from my physical body. But on the last 2 days i had 4 LDs, 3 of them were those OBE-like WILDs. I never had such a number of WILDs in a row. And i did nothing different except for one thing. I always do a WBTB and eat something (bread, cereal or yogurt), because at 5am i'm kinda hungry. The difference was that on these 2 days i ate a banana when doing WBTB. I read somewhere that bananas can help improve LDs.
Was this a coincidence? Were bananas an important part of these WILDs?
I don't know, but i will try it again tonight (WBTB and eat a banana) to see if it works again.

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