Galantamine advice

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Galantamine advice

Postby astrovineyard » 02 Feb 2015 23:58

Hello - after conquering a childhood filled with occasional sleep paralysis nightmares, I've been basically SP free since then, no matter what I try. The few examples I can remember are rare examples beyond my control, and not as vivid, frightening or memorable. In my efforts to induce an LD by thought alone, I've done little more than make my limbs numb, my heart pound, and myself feel a little dizzy and spinning, but nothing beyond that. And it takes so long that I spend half the night trying to do this, and get little sleep and am either too tired the next day or end up inducing nights of insomnia rather than LD.

Thus I am taking the plunge with Galantamine. I ordered it but it hasn't yet arrived. It seems to get mixed reviews. There are different dosages, different TIMES to take it, and other supplements that can go along with it. I'll probably have to explore each possibility until I find out what works, but is there any advice from those who have used it to good effect?

1. I've read that one should NOT take it right before bed, because it either does NOTHING, or can produce horrific experiences, like, as one prominent person in the LD community put it: "I awoke fighting titanic forces, like my brain was being drawn and quartered" and "I kept falling asleep and having dreams that I can only describe as my head being scraped underneath a submerged iceberg." Yikes! I guess all things considered, I'd prefer SOME results rather than none, even if they leave me shaken. But what is the more likely outcome, based on YOUR experiences?

2. What about dosage? The recommended dosage was 4mg to start with, moving to 8 later. The one I got splits the difference at 6. Still too high to start?

3. Sleeping for 4 hours THEN taking it seems to be the recommended approach. Are the LDs really that much better or likely in this method? I also read that the drug is a stimulant so might actually keep me awake. Not fond of that idea.

4. Should meditation exercises be done either time it is taken? Focusing on having an LD seems to only keep me awake, but if an LD is more likely that way, I might be in trouble. It would be nice to know that something would happen simply by getting myself to sleep however I best can.

5. Addition of Choline and B12? The one I got has Choline but not B12 (I guess I'll eat a banana?) - any advice on which combination is best?

6. When planning a long night's sleep with a waking part way, and it doesn't work, I remember the other contradictory fact that sleep DEPRIVATION can cause SP/LD, especially during naps, so rarely I'll pull an all-nighter when I can plan a nap the next day. Does anyone know if Galantamine is especially effective when already sleep deprived and/or during a nap?

Thanks for your tips and anecdotal experiences!

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