Sleep Stages - Brain Waves

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Sleep Stages - Brain Waves

Postby PauliEffect » 06 Jul 2012 12:57

I don't know what forum to put this in, but what I want to achieve is to better get to
know the different brain wave patterns in relation to various sleep stages in order to
increase my understanding on how lucid dreaming works.

If anyone knows of any good book on this subject, please put a post in this thread.

Wikipedia doesn't explain how sleep stages and brain waves connect, at least not in
a fully clear way. So I'll just put out here what I've found and hope that anyone can
correct my errors. So probably containing errors and most likely incomplete:

The following brain wave patterns (also called brain wave rythms) exists:

* Alpha waves
- - - Mu Waves (a sort of alpha waves, sometimes called μ rhythm)
* Beta Waves
* Gamma Waves (existence debatable?)
* Delta Waves
* Theta waves
* K complex
* Sleep Spindles

These brain wave patterns are both characterized by amplitude and frequency. They
can further be sub-divided into variations of the same kind. If anyone knows better
what these sub-divisions are, please let us know.

The following sleep stages exists:

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4 (merged with stage 3 in the USA but not in Europe)
REM (sometimes called Stage 5)

And then there are some normal physical phenomenas:

eye movements
sleep paralysis
sleep movement (a normal person moves around in the bed 25 times/night)
others (sleep talk, etc)

Now my problem, what brain wave pattern goes with what sleep stage? I am
under the impression that it's something like this:

Stage 1 = alpha waves mixed with theta waves. Alpha waves in the beginning going
into theta waves. People who are being waked up in Stage 1, think that they never
really fell asleep.

[Sleep paralysis sets in at start of Stage 2?]

Stage 2 = theta waves mixed with K complex and sleep spindles, the person now has
sleep paralysis.

Stage 3 = (European version) theta waves and 20-50 % delta waves

Stage 4 = (Eurpoean version) theta waves and 50-100 % delta waves

REM = mostly beta waves and some alpha waves but of what percentages? And any
theta waves?


How exact is this division and what books will best describe this? Are there any good books
out there which show the actual brain wave patterns so a layman can understand them, in
the _exact_ relation to sleep stages?

Also, when we move around in sleep or sleep talk, how can that be possible and how does
such movements bypass the sleep paralysis? Any book here would be good as well.

The more LDs I get, the more these sleep stages and brain waves patterns puzzles me.

So if you know anything, specially if you have any detailed, well worked medical source
or book recommendation, please post your info in this thread.

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