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Discuss external aids which help you lucid dream including brainwave entrainment, supplements and herbs, lucid dream masks, and more.
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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby Peter » 06 Nov 2017 05:48

I have used it a bit and am playing with stronger doses but have not used it or anything for a couple of months. Been full on with work and very tired and I just chill when I am like that. I have no idea on anyone else's experiences and so far have had some interesting HI but no direct lucids from it so jury is out just now. The HI is strong and it has a soft feel to it and thats as far as I have been so far.
looking forward to a break soon and some rest and then will try it again in a more focused way
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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby erichsa » 16 Mar 2018 16:41

Well the last report was on the 6 November. Chris Hammond is hard selling, but I wonder why nothing gets reported on our forum. It would help to hear what our members experienced. :)

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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby erichsa » 30 Mar 2018 11:21

Today is the 30 of March 2018. No News on Claridream Pro. Also I am curious if Rebecca is still involved with our Website?
Who Knows :)

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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby jimmy » 12 Apr 2018 13:57

hey all, just recently joined, followed this thread and seems there is something I can contribute :)

So I got some Clari Pro a while back, have experimented with it about 6, maybe 7 times?

I only had real success with it once which also happened to be my first full LD, which was the 2nd to last time I took CP - but was absolutely mind blowing. I slept for around 5 hours, took 3 of the pills and went back to bed. I had an initial LD which I got real excited about and so dropped out of it, and a little bit later had a false awakening which I turned into an LD and I got it to last for what could have been at least 10 minutes, maybe longer, it felt like a real long time. I remember how vivid the colours and details were, truly mind blowing.

I tried it again last night but without much success. Also took 3, had real trouble getting to sleep though, and did have a partial LD, also through a kind of false awakening (I dreamed I was at work), but dropped out as I didn't really ground myself in the dream, just flew off super fast (trying to leave work funnily enough) which woke me back up again. It was also really close to my normal waking up time by then so I ended up just going to work early, but felt a bit buzzy from the CP for the first few hours I was there.

Every other time I tried, I have had trouble sleeping after taking it. Not sure if that is because of the time I wake up, or how long I slept or what - usually I have trouble getting back to sleep after sleeping after around 5/6 hours anyway - but will keep experimenting and see what happens and let you know.

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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby Nomadic-Freedom » 02 May 2018 00:05

I took my first two ClariDream capsules at 5:00 AM, (woken by the alarm after 5 hours sleep). But then I couldn't get back to sleep! (Frustrating)

But I did feel the shift in my consciousness, almost like I was going to astro project, and hypnagogic images were easy to sink into. Eventually, on the screen of my closed eyelids, I saw two twisted lines -- one bright red and the other bright blue -- turning over. They were so bright, like florescent tubes of light. Suddenly, I had the thought, "Hey! Those are so real looking, I must be dreaming!" And *poof*, they were instantly gone.

A little later, the same thing happened again, with an image of a coffee machine where dry powdered coffee was shooting out the top in a jet. Again the thought, "Hey! That looks to real, I must be dreaming!" And again *poof*.

I was still looking at the inside of my eyelids through the above experiences, but I have no doubt it was the ClariDream trying to break through to my dream world (whether I was asleep or not!) Naturally, I want to do it again, but the bottle says not to try it again for a week! "Awww gee mom. Do I really have to? Whyyyy?"

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Re: the Claridream Pro thread

Postby CosmickGold » 13 May 2018 14:16

I've taken two capsules of ClariDream three times now (a week apart as the bottle advises).

The first two times I set the alarm to awaken me to take the capsules, but then could not get back to sleep. The ClariDream was making me too "lucid" while awake to again reach sleep, even though it brought about vivid hypnogogic images as I lay there awake.

Last night was my 3rd time to take the two ClariDream Pro capsules. This time, I did not set an alarm, and took the capsules when I woke up naturally after just 3 or 4 hours of sleep. And unlike the first two times, I did fall right back to sleep.

I did one dreaming test, trying to press fingers of one hand through the other, and concluded I was awake. But now I'm not sure, and think I should have used the breath-with-nose-pinched-shut test instead for better accuracy.

Soon, I thought I was in bed with my girlfriend, my hand on her inner thigh. But I was actually alone in a separate bed so this was all a dream. But I thought I was awake and dreaming at the same time, so stayed still to avoid waking her. While at the same time (since I was also dreaming), I sent her sexual feelings (feelings which I also felt strongly) thinking it would create a case of "mutual dreaming" in which she would also remember the experience upon awakening. Soon I thought we were both up and awake and asked her about the dreamed sexual experience and she told me she remembered it. (But of course, this was all still part of the dream.)

Unfortunately, I didn't do any more testing to see if I was dreaming, so missed the opportunity to become aware of it being a dream. But I'm happy with last night's whole experience. ClariDream really was making my dream clear with a lot of thinking an awareness, and it enabling me to remember my dream far better than I have in ages, and prompted me to seriously experiment within the dream about becoming lucid.

Next time (next week) should be even better.

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