Mugwort advice

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Mugwort advice

Postby RefrigeratedRay » 04 Sep 2018 15:08

I wanted to try mugwort as I read about all the wonderful things it can do for you.

However, I drank a tea made from the plant for three days straight and had no dreams.

Missed a night, and had a wonderful long (non-lucid) dream.

Drank it again for two nights, no dreams.

Missed a night last night, and had an awesome (but still non-lucid) dream.

It can't be the case that mugwort is causing me not to dream... can it? Is it something that builds up over time, or should I quit now as it doesn't seem to be helping at all?

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Re: Mugwort advice

Postby PixelatedPixie » 13 Nov 2018 23:15

I have tried mugwort tea before bedtime a few times, but I also experienced no dreams on those nights. I have a theory about 'no dream' nights, though. Many times, it's because my dreams on those nights are more conceptual or even beyond-conceptual to where I can't verbalize them enough to my human mind in order to acknowledge that the dream experience even happened. So, if this is the case, mayhaps, we each have only half a cup of mugwort tea if what we originally had was a full cup? Just an idea.

I've also read that smoking mugwort is supposed to give you a stronger reaction than just drinking tea made from it. I smoked mugwort once, and it did nothing at all for me in waking life (it's supposed to be a hallucinogen), so I didn't expect that it would do anything for me later that night in the dreamworld, either.

In all fairness, I don't think I've tried mugwort enough to say that it doesn't 'work,' but this has just been my experience with it thus far.

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