Questions about Custom Brain Entrainment

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Questions about Custom Brain Entrainment

Postby MixenDixon » 01 Nov 2011 19:21

So far, I've like the brain entrainment music, including the Lucid Dreaming MP3. However, I've yet to have a lucid dream since I've been researching, so I've decided to have some fun and try to make my own. So, while doing so, I've run into a couple of questions.
1) First, can you add any music to a binaural beats or isochronic tones track without lowering its effectiveness? Should the music be a certain genre, a certain volume, or is there any other criteria, or could I just use any song (I'm experimenting with Owl City and Port Blue). I will first say that I make my songs mono tracks first to prevent any interference with the binaural stereo effect.
2) Can isochronic tones and binaural beats be used together, or would using one somehow negate the other?
I'd like to make clear that I don't buy into mystical or spiritual dimensions for these things. My focus is lucid dreaming from a perspective of just brain function.
Thanks in advance!

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