Dreamwalk Program by Immrama Institute

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Dreamwalk Program by Immrama Institute

Postby PaulG » 07 May 2011 21:14

To start my adventures (or to be correct reclaim them) I have decided to begin with the following product. Whilst I do have quite a bit of brainwave stuff lying around which may induce lucid dreams, naturally I wanted to start with something that is (or claims to be) dedicated to LD. The reason for selecting this is because I have used their Insight Meditation CD in the past and this has been excellent at inducing meditative states and this CD uses the same technology. The CD uses something called harmonically layered binaural technology (more than one set of binaural beats) which require headphones, and they claim this makes it more effective because the brain, at any one time, produces different brainwave states, normally with one state being dominant over the others, so in effect they are saying this will stimulate more of the brain, than something that uses just one set of binaural beats.

The CD has two tracks (1.Dreamtime & 2.Reflections) and both last for about 27 mins. Both use the same technology and the first one uses music (which has an eerie feeling to it) and the second one uses natural rain. Both tracks can be listened to in one session, or just use one of the tracks individually and are recommended to be listened to sitting in an upright position before going to bed, or whilst lying in bed before sleep. The instructions also say something about using in the morning with The Morning Wake-Up technique which is maybe WILD (I'm still learning about these things). I am currently having a quick listen to the CD whilst writing this and can certainly feel the entrainment effect. The entrainment is also nicely blended (or masked) into the music or rain so you can't hear (or at least I can't) the binaural technology buzzing away in the background. Whilst I tend not to mind audios where you can hear the binaural beats or isochronic tones in the background, the masking of these sounds is something I prefer, and believe brainwave entrainment should be felt, rather than heard.

The CD also has enhanced CD-ROM features, which adds a nice touch to the overall package, and includes a interactive dream dictionary (software) with about 700 dream symbols and definitions, printable dream journal templates (PDF) and a eBook entitled "Mastering the Art of Conscious Dreaming" which is 66 pages (two versions of same book - PDF & .exe). You can find more info here and the website also has excellent articles on meditation and brainwave entrainment for those who may be interested.


I will update this post in due course with what effect it has (if any)

And hopefully in a few weeks I will be flooding the "Share Your Lucid Dreams" section with all the phenomenal and awesome lucid dreams I will be having.

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