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Peppermint Before Bed??

Posted: 20 Jan 2012 04:05
by Lucid-Dreamer
I remember in elementary school they used to give us a peppermint before taking a test. Apparently it 'kept our brain awake and energized'. I was wondering, if lucid dreaming is keeping our mind awake while our body is sleeping, then would a mint before bed help enhance a lucid dream? Just a question, because I heard you don't lucid dream until deep in the night, during REM. What are your thoughts? I have never had a lucid dream before...

Re: Peppermint Before Bed??

Posted: 20 Jan 2012 07:43
by Peter
being awake is like being more alert or focused and that is one state, staying consious is the goal and that is differant.

Re: Peppermint Before Bed??

Posted: 21 Jan 2012 01:05
by Snaggle
I think a peppermint would make one concentrate on the taste in ones mouth rather than entering the mental state one needs to be in.