Brain Frequency Device.

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Brain Frequency Device.

Postby LucidJosh » 26 Jan 2012 03:38

hey fellow dreamers, this is my first post on here, i have not had a lucid dream yet, probably due to the fact that i have only come across lucid dreaming today, however i have have grown a super keen intrest in lucid dreams. Anyway, On Topic, i have a brain wave machine called the BT Plus (more info at, google it) its main purpose is for developing new ways in which one can learn new things, picture youre mind as a computer with many files all over the place, this machine help arrange those files in an easy order in which one can become seemingly smarter, it also helps you sleep, can better youre mood and can provde some pain relife, i havnt been back in school yet so i havnt been able to truely test myself if i have improved but its surely been doing something to me, iv recalled a few things and have gotten some nice sleeps, when you attach it to youre earlobes it sends frequencys through to youre brain, you can feel the surges in youre head and youre vision starts shaking and youre face twitchis, the machine operates at 0.5Hz, 1.5Hz, 5.0Hz, 7.83hz and 100Hz, iv been using the machine along with binaural beats, will this help my on my quest for lucid dreaming? thank you taking the time to read this^^

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