Astral Projection attempt

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Astral Projection attempt

Postby Plocky » 30 Sep 2018 03:27


I just triedAstral Projection for the first time. I layed down, began to relax to the point that my body was "sleeping". Then i began to imagine this robe i would use to pull myself out of my body. I started to "climp" up and than my body felt warm, nearly hot, and my heartbeat felt like im getting a heart attack. I tried to stay calm and breath normaly and tried again. But everytime i started to "climp" that imaginary robe i felt my hearthbeat heavy everywhere in my body. It also felt extremly exhausting like I would realy pull myself up a robe.

After one and a half hour I gave up. Every time I attempted to pull myself, my heart was the only thing I could feel no matter how hard i tried to ignore it. :(

Does anyone have expirience with that and could help me out?

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Re: Astral Projection attempt

Postby lucidé » 01 Oct 2018 04:56

Turning yourself into a ghost is not real. Media such as Danny Phantom and Doctor Strange may make ghost powers look fun, but it's not real.

Anything you feel right before you fall asleep is usually a signal your body is about to fall into REM sleep, and you are good and ready to induce the WILD technique. If you realize this, you can attempt to phase into a dream when you start seeing or feeling unusual signs. The WILD technique is one of the easiest ways to gain control of a lucid dream.

It is also possible to enter a dream when your brain regains awareness after losing consciousness rather than waking up in real life. There was an example of that happening in a Mickey Mouse cartoon and Mickey turning that dream into a MILD in the process ( ). Because your brain is not going to remember anything except the last thing you could recall from waking life, that dream you end up in will most likely be what your brain last remembered in waking life before you lost awareness. Your awareness ends up a dream body rather than your actual body. The reason you can accurately hear sounds in real life is because your brain is trying to register what is going on around it as you did just lose awareness for a few minutes, and it is only natural.
An example of lucid dreaming: (1:46 Is that me or is this me? "Am I still dreaming?") Simpsons example:

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Re: Astral Projection attempt

Postby Legionnaire » 28 Apr 2019 14:47

I know little of the WILD technique but I've looked into it and it's all rather exhausting to me.

Astral projection has happened to me many times and it's a very different experience to LD.

My advise is to manage your breathing - concentrate on the lifting - the shifting out from your physical body into the astral one. As it climbs it can become VERY uneasy but you've got to push through it. Let your body climb to it's limit. To me it's usually the ceiling of the room. Once your there try and stretch your arms out slowly and let your body start to move. Get to a window - start using your eyes (they tend to feel half closed and a bit blurry) start to move out from the room. Once you've separated successfully (from body to astral - from astral in room to astral out of room) then you'll start to feel the breeze - feel breath and temperature and ultimately feel very free to move. Move fast. Go wherever you want in flight form. It really is a totally different experience from LD. For some reason it feels VERY real and VERY clear.

Just be careful of interactions with some people. In my experience they tend to "sense" you rather than an LD experience where you can easily interact with random people. I don't know maybe it's just me but the people feel very real and they tend not to feel comfortable around me. I went into a crowded bar on my first experience and anyone I stood next to totally freaked out like they felt a ghost or something. It scared me so I left. Not a good astral experience that first time.

Anyway, give it a go.
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Re: Astral Projection attempt

Postby DrG » 15 May 2019 15:31

I'm glad this thread is being revived! I think I've had an astral projection, but I'm not entirely sure what happened to be honest. Trying to reach it again, and figure out where this world exists. Your astral projection existed here on earth around real people? Were you in normal 3D spacial dimensions?

My only experience fully breaking through seemed out of my direct control. I was in a long semilucid dream which I had no ability for force awake myself. Went into a sleep paralysis like state while dreaming. I was in deep fear, yet my fake dream family was telling me I can handle this and to just follow through with what was happening. Saw a beautiful aura of flashing colored lights. Then blasted out of my body into what appeared to be space. I was accelerating extremely fast, had no body, and in fact normal 3D spacial dimensions seemed to not exist. I felt I had a soul and mind, and experienced a consciouss awareness much more clear than when awake. In about 4 seconds a stereotypical green alien face appeared in sync travelling with me. He sent me some telepathic thoughts basically welcoming me to this realm and telling me we are spiritually connected. I was in great fear having never been through this, he sent me feedback that he recognized I was scared, I was blasted back into my body awake. After waking, I had felt presence of that alien and a small team observing me, though I did not see or hear them. They seemed to be waiting to see if I wanted to continue the journey, which I had a feeling would happen if I went back to sleep, but when I decided to stay awake and record the experience instead, their presence quickly disappeared. I've since felt the start of going through the transition both from a lucid dream and deep meditation, but I generally struggle to overcome fear and excitement which pulls me right out.

Do you have any suggestions to overcome the fear of transitioning?

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