What are your religious views?

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What are your religious views?

Deeply religious - I follow a strict religious code and trust my life to a higher authority
Somewhat religious - I believe in a higher intelligence watching over us
Agnostic - I'm on the fence; you really can't say either way at this time
Atheist - I don't believe there is a higher intelligence watching over us
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Re: What are your religious views?

Postby LucidLink » 10 Apr 2013 17:34

I follow no religeon but I believe in god. I believe in spirit. I believe in Jesus, and Bhudda, and Muhammad, as well as other enlightened spirutal masters. I believe all religions came from the same truth, and that's why they are all wrong. I reccomend you all check out my spirit science topic in the off topic section as well ;)

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Re: What are your religious views?

Postby Summerlander » 11 Apr 2013 11:00

Richard Dawkins described religion as a misfiring byproduct of something evolutionary useful. He analogously offered the following example...

A moth has evolved a biological compass sensitive to the light from the stars and the moon in order to find its way to its home or natural habitat. However, this evolutionary trait did not develop with the prediction that human beings would one day invent artificial light...

Thus, the very same biological mechanism that helps the moth can betray it whenever it comes across one of our artificial lights. The moth ends up flying towards the "false" light in a spiralling motion. A misfiring byproduct of a normally functional compass. Not everything in evolution works to your advantage all the time...

In a similar vein, children learn to listen to their parents as these usually have their best interests at heart. If a mother tells her child not to go near the edge of a cliff it will benefit the child to take heed of this advice. If the father tells the child not to touch the hot pan because it's "burnies" the child will listen.

But the fact that children are conditioned to listen to their parents doesn't always work to their advantage. Parents can err, be wrong or believe in infeasibilities. Parents will tend to pass their world-views to their children. Religious dogma, as was mentioned earlier, is passed on through exposure.

A Muslim family who strongly believe in martyrdom as the fastest way to heaven - as it is explicitly mentioned by the Koran if one takes it literally - will think one of them is doing the right thing by being a suicide bomber. In evolution you dont get points for being dead.

Hence religion is a misfiring byproduct of an otherwise useful trait - listening to your parents, following tradition, adopting their philosophies and their memes... All in the belief that they are the perfect recipe.

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Re: What are your religious views?

Postby Worldenterer1 » 12 Apr 2013 02:56

Ryan wrote:
Worldenterer1 wrote:
Je-Je wrote:I belive in Jesus


Why not?

I asked you first. :P
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