A search for God

For all other chat which isn't directly related to lucid dreaming and the world of sleep and dreams.
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Re: A search for God

Postby Sarah » 29 Feb 2012 21:07

You can help them, there is always a way to help someone, but you just don't know how

The world is so confusing..
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Re: A search for God

Postby Peter » 29 Feb 2012 21:40

for me the world is so simple,

Look inside and find your own passions and follow them ruthlessly and by default you will attract interesting people into your life and that is it.
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Re: A search for God

Postby Rebecca » 09 Mar 2012 03:48

Gary8847 wrote:And I wonder what you mean by, 'free will.'

There are some evolutionary biologists (eg Richard Dawkins) and psychologists (eg Susan Blackmore) whose research shows that "free will" doesn't even exist. It is an illusion of the mind. Everything we do is guided by our genetic instinct or psychological programming.

You can't even blame me for saying that.... ;)
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Re: A search for God

Postby Gary8847 » 09 Mar 2012 09:28

Rebecca, I am religous by the nature of my very life. It isn't a choice for me. These gentlemen, I believe have made the statement that being a Christiain means giving up things. If that means that I watch what I say, no curse words. That would be true, I don't uses language that I don't want to hear from my grandchildern. I don't kill and I try to be truthful as possible. I don't steal and I do force myself onto people.

I just want to know what these men do that I don't? Unless they mean laying down with every woman I see. Which doesn't happen in my life, anyway. Unless I am willing to die to be with a woman, I am not going to be. This is why I can still count the women I've been with with two fingers.

Oh, I do gamble just a bit. So I am not perfect....not anywhere near. I do have my vises.

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