Inception & Lucid Dreams

For all other chat which isn't directly related to lucid dreaming and the world of sleep and dreams.
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Re: Inception & Lucid Dreams

Postby masterscatter » 15 Mar 2012 06:12

hey peeps. im just wondering if totems really work in lucid dreams? and another is i had lucid dream the other night. as soon as i realized im dreaming, there was a great weight on my chest. will i experience it again once i have LD's? cheers.

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Re: Inception & Lucid Dreams

Postby leonrossdale » 06 Nov 2013 13:11

Well, for one, it would have ruined the Nolan wonder if he has specified the concepts of Lucid dreaming and Lucid dreaming machines in the movie. It is so perfect as now! I have loved the movie. Anyway nice suggestion!

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