What's the meaning of this picture?

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Re: What's the meaning of this picture?

Postby Karin » 05 Jun 2014 23:36

What came to my mind each time I saw your pic: A sperm typing at a computer laptop keyboard.

Maybe that sperm is using a simulation program to investigate all the possible genetic outcomes of his future encounter with a specific egg?

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Re: What's the meaning of this picture?

Postby HAGART » 06 Jun 2014 01:43

So it wasn't just the guys who saw dirty pictures in this Rorschach Test.
Reminds me of a joke. A psychiatrist is showing random ink-blot pictures to a patient and keeps asking him what he sees. The patient replies, "Sex". He's shown another one and again, "Sex". Over and over. Finally the psychiatrist says, "I think you have an obsession with sex", to which the patient replies, "What do you mean? You're the one showing all the dirty pictures!" :lol:

I joke! If you saw sperm, that is more scientific than pornographic. It does look like a tail or flagellum on it doesn't it? I'm glad I asked because I never noticed that before. But sperm is a simple life form (what I was going for), the fact that others saw a 'life-form' in it means the painting works.

I already wrote my reason for it, and what I saw, but it does make you think about how others responded and how it reveals a lot more about themselves and their interests.
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