Anyone Here Play Garry's Mod?

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Anyone Here Play Garry's Mod?

Postby Kman43759 » 28 Jul 2014 19:26

If you dont know, garrys mod is a sandbox game, where you can do virtually anything, and build anything. It is also kind of like a game with a bunch of different games within that game, because alot of people make these modfied gamemodes and addons for the game, and anybody can play/use them because every time you join a modified server, garrys mod automatically downloads all of the server files
So check it out, its on steam

For people who do know about this game, what gamemodes do you play? I like to play DarkRP mostly and different modified versions of Darkrp.
I play this gamemode called the purge, and its based of the movie the purge, rlly fun
Whats the coolest thing you have built?

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