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Re: Quantum reality

Postby Summerlander » 13 Dec 2014 13:01

It sure doesn't have to sit well, deschainXIX, but it is where evidence points to. No laws of physics for these arose with the Big Bang. It seems counterintuitive and we keep imagining absolute expansion because there was room for it to occur - but the truth is that there was no spatial room and the humanmind can't imagine this period. Room was created in the process. Do check out Krauss. He points out that all the energy in the universe (positive/negative) adds up to zero. What we see today is an imbalance and the universe continues to expand faster and faster! It won't slow down...

Here's a terse answer: in quantum mechanics, where there is nothing there will always be something.

Anyway, the kind of nothing you are thinking of can only be conveyed when there is something. Nothing is what's between two objects stuck together. If there is distance there is something. And as the Hitch pointed out, there is a great nothingness headed our way... :-D

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