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Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 11 Feb 2018 05:10
by Summerlander
Love Darkmatter. The guy is awesome! 8-)

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 12 Feb 2018 16:37
by RedKryptonite
Summerlander wrote:Love Darkmatter. The guy is awesome! 8-)

Indeed. He's right up there with Qualiasoup and Theramintrees when it comes to making great animations. (well,their purposes are different. those 2 focus more on intellectual debate while Darkmatter focuses on entertainment while delivering a message. Not to say that those 2 haven't made wonderful stories of their own: )

Oh yeah,I have a gift for you. As an antinatalist,it will most definitely resonate with you:

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 13 Feb 2018 11:26
by LoneDreamer
RedKryptonite wrote:
LoneDreamer wrote:why are people around so concerned about you being atheists? People around would either make fun of me or think of me as some modern hippie or think I am trying to look cool(this is true in some cases though), other than that no one cares about it.

This video by DarkMatter2525 should sufficiently answer your question:
(don't worry,its not some typical boring video of a guy talking/ranting in front of a screen. its an short but entertaining animated video.)

The guy has many other animated videos as well,3 of my favorites:

:lol: ah...such classics.

Anyway,nice to see you back. :D

Actually I am a sub of darkmatter's channel. I must say he's awesome. Thanks for the video.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 16 Feb 2018 00:30
by Summerlander
How do you feel about his atheism?

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 10 May 2018 14:30
by Vivian+
Quite normal.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 14 May 2018 20:50
by Summerlander
The norm for an atheist. :mrgreen:

Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 18 May 2018 17:15
by tmosley001
Getting Born of the Spirit is not a religon/ religon is what was Nailed to the Cross/ done away with /
Jesus is a Person, and we got his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, who is now incharge of our Life. He communicates
through Dreams, and Visons so you can GROW UP SPIRITUALLY and be about building his Kingdom, not your own.
Or doing his Good Pleasure, not yours/ He is the author and finisher of our Faith/ not you/ You SUBMIT, and
seek to be doing Gods will, plan and purpose, then the Holy Spirit who is the Ultimate Communicator will
train you to OVER COME the WORLD in your Dreams/ That is the only purpose of any Dream/ to Wake up in the Dream and OVER COME
this World/ Once you Over Come in your Dreams, then you have become an OVER COMER/ and now you can
be used to do the GREATER WORKS/ Walk on Water/ It is God working in you and through you to do of his Good Pleasure/ NOT YOURS.
Everything is going on Multi Dimensional/ So you can accomplish Nothing without the Holy Spirit. He is the only one who can
Opperate Muliti Dimensionally as he reveals Gods Wisdom ( the mind of Christ ) unto you/ You move from Faith to Faith to become
a SON of GOD/

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 19 May 2018 15:53
by Summerlander
And that is what you believe.
But you're still a mammal. :mrgreen: