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Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 04 Jan 2015 03:46
by Lucinda
I was wondering, how many of you are religious? I see quite a bit of you whom aren't, but surely there are some people who are Christians, Muslims, Mormons, maybe even catholic? I myself, am a christian, and I wanted to know If i'm not the only christian lucid dreamer? If there are any (at least on this forum, who happen to read this), I was also curious as to what you do in your lucid dreams? And what your point of view on Lucid dreaming is? I've only had 4 lucid dreams so far, and I've read a lot of stuff about how some people who are Christians and Catholics think lucid dreaming is wrong, even if it's not used for sinful reasons. Others disagree.
This question is entirely meant to help me out with conflicting feelings about lucid dreaming and my religion, and I'd like to hear from some Christians, and also those of you from other religions(other than atheists, sorry). I, personally, don't see anything wrong with it, but It would really help to hear some opinions from other religious people. Thanks.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 04 Jan 2015 04:00
by MercyStrange
I'm a Christian. Most of the people on this forum aren't, or so I've noticed. Maybe I'm wrong. Eh. I used to feel conflicted about Lucid dreaming at first, too, but I realized that it's just dreaming. My personal view, is that as long as you're not using it to fulfill sinful desires, it really doesn't matter. Some people say "It's a dream, there aren't any consequences", but you see, this isn't true. Because you are aware of what you're doing, it's wrong to do something wrong, seeing as you are making the conscious decision to do something wrong(Hope that made sense!) That's why if you dream normally, of something wrong... like.. murdering someone... or the other obvious sinful desires... It's not really you're fault. You didn't consciously decide to dream that. In Lucid dreams its different. I've heard of some Christian lucid dreamers who use them to praise God. I haven't had the chance to try that, because I don't have Lucid dreams as often as I would like too (I'm still pretty new. Only had about 10 Lucid dreams). I mainly just do fun stuff. I once visited this place from a TV show, which was pretty cool. In only 10 lucid dreams, I've gotten pretty good though. Anyways, Overall, I'd say, don't feel guilty. I did at first, until I realized, It's fine. God wouldn't have led me to Lucid dreaming, if he didn't think it would help me down the line somehow. God works in mysterious ways, but overall, the decision of what right and wrong, is ours to make. I've decided Lucid dreaming is right, as long as it's used for good reasons. Doing something fun, improving skills, practicing stuff, etc etc all things that I find are fine. I'm glad someone finally posted about this, by the way. I was curious of this myself! Anyways, Hope I helped in someway :)

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 04 Jan 2015 19:17
by Lucinda
It;s so good to know! Thanks. I feel slightly less guilty now. I never use my LD's to do sinful things. I mean, I;ve only had 4, so. But yeah, thanks a ton!

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 11 Jan 2015 07:52
by jasmine2
Lucinda, I was raised as a Methodist, and I deeply value Jesus' teachings about the universal power of Love. However, I do not think that any one religion has a corner on ultimate truths.

I am open to learning about how sages, in many cultures across the ages, have developed various methods for exploring the depths of consciousness/psyche/soul. Many of these people provide similar descriptions of how they, eventually, after long practice, had a direct, inner, encounter with a deep, numinous, loving, spiritual awareness, which seems to interconnect all beings and all things.

The Bible contains numerous accounts of mysterious, meaningful dreams and visions, which were regarded with reverence. I think that non-lucid and lucid dreams can often provide valuable insights regarding many life challenges and questions.

- I recommend the following resources --

- Here at world-of-lucid-dreaming, Rebecca Turner has informative articles.
On Home page, click "categories" on top bar.

- Book - "Lucid Dreaming: Gateway To The Inner Self" by Robert Waggoner
Chapt. 7 - describes how advanced lucid dreamers may eventually sense the deep awareness behind dreaming, and may encounter the mysterious inner light of awareness.

- Book - "Creative Dreaming" by Patricia Garfield

- Book - "The Unfolding Self" by Ralph Metzner

- Book - "Dreams: God's Forgotten Language" by John A. Sanford (an Episcopal minister and psychotherapist)

- YouTube - "Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman On Her Approach To Therapy"
Discussion includes how dreams express the language of the soul, and how the spiritual is important to the psyche.

- Best Wishes - jasmine2

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 12:21
by taniaaust1
The Bible contains numerous accounts of mysterious, meaningful dreams and visions, which were regarded with reverence

Im not Christian but was brought up Christian (my family was full of Ministers!). As Jasmine says, dreams do get a lot of importance in the bible. It was throu dreams in which God communicated with some. So I truely cant see how there should be an issue in the Christian religion of having more aware dreams esp if you stick to your good morals.

You can even use LDs for things like feeling closer to GOD or whatever. I had what I believe is an astal projection in which Jesus giving me spiritual teachings under a tree (some thou think of aware astral projections being lucid dreams). Extremely interesting experiencing being with Jesus as my teacher as I arent Christian.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 19 Jan 2015 16:57
by Derpybunneh
I'm Christian, I'm a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) to be exact.

I have nothing against lucid dreaming. I think everyone should do it. I'm not quite sure what others of my Christian religion would think about it. I agree with, MercyStrange, that lucid dreaming should be used for good purposes. Others of my set might deem me as a weird freak, but, I do not care.

I, like others, believe that we can gain insight in lucid dreams. I also think that spirits from the Spirit World can communicate with us through lucid dreaming.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 15 Feb 2015 15:54
by Philosopher8659
I am not religious, however, I did become, by definition, a prophet. I was drafted. I was taught in lucid dreams, and by visions my life was saved. It made me very angry. However, it was all about learning what it is all about. In a nutshell it is this:
The human mind has a particular job to do. It does its job wholly through the artifice of language. There are two, and only two fundamental branches of language, Logic and Analogic. Common grammars, most of what is called mathematics, etc are logics. Analogics are such as the geometric figure, the figure is the language. Lucid Dreams are analogical. Visions are analogical,
Language is based on a Two Element Metaphysics. The two elements are material and form.
It all works out, I have learned how and why the Judeo-Christian Scripture is sealed to man's understanding, mankind is becoming linguistic, he is not there yet. Christ's Miracles were an analog language. I have also been given the understanding to teach analogic on a basic and fundamental level, I am presenting man with Basic Analog Mathematics. One can construct, with straight edge and compass, analog mathematics. The glyphs are a language. Like any language, the material difference can represent any material difference.
So, we are spoken to by superior intellects in analog languages because they are fundamental to becoming truly linguistic. Currently, a lot of mythology about the communications exist. That one is seeing spirits or that they are in spirit, etc. The communication becomes interpreted by a primitive mind into religions and other mythologies and will be so until man comprehends.
The mind is wholly linguistic by function and by fact. Language is all it can do. Language is the only power it can wield.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 21 Mar 2017 04:22
by Dtraveller
You can laught at me,i am a Muslim and have met allah in my dreams only one time,i have also sensed the presence of Prophet abraham many times.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 21 Mar 2017 21:25
by DreamerMan99
I am not religious.

Re: Lucid Dreaming and Religion

Posted: 21 Mar 2017 22:55
by Summerlander
I'm a secular humanist and a de-facto atheist. I don't believe in God/gods and I see religion as a manmade farce. It is important to emphasise that my atheism is merely a position of disbelief. I see no good reason to believe in a Creator of the universe. The claim that such being exists hasn't been substantiated.

However ...
The Big Bang could have been the accidental creation of a transcendent being. Why not?

I don't necessarily believe in the proposition because there is no evidence, but I'm not stupid enough to claim with certainty that the scenario is impossible in reality for then I'd have no means to demonstrate the impossibility.

We can say with certainty that the theistic god---who intervenes in human affairs---does not exist. Forget the Bible and the Qur'an. It's rubbish and I'm with all of you secularists there.

But imagine this deism-inspired scenario: an unimaginable being (or hard to imagine since I asked you to imagine it) existing on a larger scale of reality created a globe the size of its head which simulates numerous realities inhabited by sentient units. Our universe is merely a spark or spec of debris which was accidently produced in the making of that perfectly computerised globe that contains a myriad worlds. The Architect (aptly named) looked at the spark (our universe) and just left it---knowing it would blow out by itself (cold death).

The Architect does not have to be worshipped. The Architect is not a god. But He is a Creator by nature. If a deist told me this is what he believes, and he's in awe of this transcendent architect, I would simply say to him, 'Interesting proposition but I see no reason to believe it until evidence is presented.' What I wouldn't do is make the mistake of saying, with certainty, 'I know it's not true!' That would be unreasonable of me to do so.

Hence I remain in my non-dogmatic position of atheism until either the deist or the theist substantiate their claims to my scientific satisfaction.

Oh yeah ... lucid dreaming is nothing but a product of the living brain. It's a perceptual illusion. It tells us nothing about the origins of the universe or the true nature of reality. :mrgreen: