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Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 21 Apr 2017 16:44
by lucidé
Summerlander wrote:You shouldn't feel bad for those experiences---I've been there, too. I also 'witnessed' a crime scene. I had the lucid dream then it seemed to happen two weeks later at exactly the same place involving same people. Some might call that 'precognition'.

By the way, that's not my website. I think it belongs to Domintheos. :)

Except mine definitely wasn't precognition. It was most definitely dream spying. According to the confession from the person who did it, I was seeing it as it was "currently happening", as I had a time and place for when it was happening while I was having the lucid dream which matched that of the person who confessed. It was also an "unintentional dream spying" , as I flew right into it while I was flying through the alleyways downtown, trying to enjoy the pleasures of flying through my hometown in a lucid dream (I did that many times after inducing a WILD before, and I didn't really flying into anything traumatizing prior to then. It's about as fun as Peter Pan and the kids flying around London.)

While that was the only major traumatized event I happened to witness. A few times I have well, spied on a few other things, like being able to figure out Disneyland was 1/2 inch flooded in a lucid dream was extremely messed up. Usually I fly down to Disneyland as the invisible flying Peter Pan to take a pseudo vacation down there while in a lucid dream (it's not like anyone's going to care, since they can't detect me anyways, except maybe for the babies, the stray cats, and a couple of really little children). I don't believe random note reading, board reading, book/newspaper reading, or random room arrangement count for anything in a lucid dream, but it's still fun to play with those things in a lucid dream anyways.
I don't think it necessarily counts as dream spying, but there was this one time I read a random note in a lucid dream. I won't go into detail about the mischievous prank that the maid wrote on there. However, there was this one quote I saw on there during my lucid dream, and I still enjoy it to this day, it said Dream, IF THEN DO IT, and was blue with a cloud in the background. The maid knows I lucid dream at night, so sometimes she leaves random notes on the counter. I sometimes enjoy reading them in my lucid dream if that's the type of lucid dream I end up having.

Happened to look up dream spying. It turns out dream spying happened to occasionally happen during Egyptian times as well It also appears the person transformed into a bird or was flying during their dream spying experience, so it appears the flying while dream spying has been going on for a while.

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 30 Dec 2017 06:55
by Lorinichols
Yeah!! The old obsession and Multimedia.

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 01 Jan 2018 16:50
I am not reading this all.
Am going through a rough ride in life and lost my proverbial car keys.

I can only pace and think about life. And I can't fix all problems. That was the problem. I want to help everyone and make them get along, but I neglect myself in the end. That is my pain.

But I feel better announcing it verballing in a written fashion to cement the idea. I understand that we are all confused.

I feel so alone now, and then I come online to find like minded people. This is a porcupine dillema. I am so glad I said that, just to get something off my chest for now. It's cathartic. Being too aware is ultimately painful, but I got to keep my friends close.

I love to solve problems and fix situations, but it goes overboard. I will reconnect again. I really do love you both, just hate the separation and conflict.

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 01 Jan 2018 17:03
I am contemplating online suicide. I just left a group for my own good, and it was assisted.
I rant. I need an outlet, and it goes to other places, but ultimately, in the end, all we ever wanted is understanding, and understanding others. Realizing this, conflicted with my own ego death, and sense of loss and gain has been freaking me out.

I got too the root of consciousness and need to express this.

Our thoughts stem from an inner source. Call it what you will. It's ultimately all vibrations and prisms of light thoughts stemming from a single source. I have to find that again. When you lose that, you lose a will to live. I can debate free will.

But for now, I have made an affirmation, that although I feel and know I am a programmed, not designed by anyone else, but me make our own decisions.

I feel better saying that. In the mean time, I will always have conflict again and so does everyone.
I need this place now to sum up my feelings and sort out my head.

We are all in the same boat. I feel disconnection and reconnection. Ah the conflict of mind and the pain of being too self aware. It's a blessing and a curse.

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 01 Jan 2018 17:33
by RedKryptonite
Hey dude,if you need a break from the internet(online suicide,as you call it),you should take it. There are indeed times when we need to be alone to introspect and to look deep into our hearts. I'm sorry to hear you're in emotional turmoil right now.

Ah the conflict of mind and the pain of being too self aware. It's a blessing and a curse.

I can definitely relate. There are times when I too envy the self-delusion idiots have about themselves and/or their reality.

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 15 Jan 2018 10:22
by Summerlander
You need a second coming like Nesgirl aka lucide! :D

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 15 Jan 2018 15:43
I was really messed up that day. :roll:

But yea, I have considered making a new account, and start fresh again. I got the name, "Hagart" from a lucid dream I had. I should wait until I get another and ask what my new name should be. Knowing my dreams, it'll be something ridiculous like "Shazagoo, Mandico, or Quazilla", words that sounds like a name, but aren't... yet.

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 16 Jan 2018 10:19
by Summerlander
Rednalremmus. :idea:

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 19 Jan 2018 01:21
How 'bout these?

Re: The Second Coming of Nesgirl

Posted: 24 Jan 2018 10:16
by Summerlander
I like Winterseaer! 8-)