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Re: Organic Food

Postby Summerlander » 05 Jun 2018 17:18

baccuss123 wrote:Glyphosphate for example.... nicotine based pesticides.

You are way off base dude.

First of all, the OP is based on an article in NewScientist.

Secondly, it's glyphosate, the pesticide farmers use to kill weeds and mostly active when the crops are growing.

Here's an excerpt from Wiki:

'In November, 2015, the European Food Safety Authority concluded that "the substance is unlikely to be genotoxic (i.e. damaging to DNA) or to pose a carcinogenic threat to humans," later clarifying that while carcinogenic glyphosate-containing formulations may exist, studies "that look solely at the active substance glyphosate do not show this effect."

'The WHO and FAO Joint committee on pesticide residues issued a report in 2016 stating the use of glyphosate formulations does not necessarily constitute a health risk, and giving admissible daily intake limits for chronic toxicity. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) classified glyphosate as causing serious eye damage and toxic to aquatic life, but did not find evidence implicating it to be a carcinogen, a mutagen, toxic to reproduction, nor toxic to specific organs.'

Your fears about this pesticide are outdated. Do check out the toxicity report on glyphosate and other scientific sources.

I would say you are 'way off base', but you did manage to get this topic back on track, so kudos to you for that, baccus123. :mrgreen:
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