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The United States of Theism and Demagoguery

Posted: 27 Jan 2018 06:41
by Summerlander
America is a fucking theocracy---a far cry from what the Founding Fathers intended. Theism will end up destroying the nation completely. :twisted:

Nobody in the UK believes the Royals are semi-divine patricians. It's just monarchic tradition---a real-life quixotic soap opera that once included Princess Diana. :P

A politician like Nick Clegg can declare his atheism on national TV without repercussions to his career. In the US, that is unheard of! Characters like Obama and Trump lie through their teeth about their beliefs and reality. :geek:

They've all been demagogues to differing degrees. The pressures of the Constitution renders them liars by default because it is the only way to get ahead in American politics. :idea:

America is a failed experiment. It was supposed to be a secular state where science and reason would prosper. Where presidents would know a little bit about Euclidean geometry and Aristotelianism---as leaders like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln once did. But recently it's been dullards like Bush, pseudo-liberals like Obama and, well ... Donald Trump! :D

The dollar sports 'In God We Trust'. Stupid Americans. In the UK, the old ten pound sterling---still in circulation---sports Charles Darwin. Enough said. 8-)