Time flies, the sun and the moon are like

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Time flies, the sun and the moon are like

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As soon as I was in the sixth grade, I was ready to withstand a large amount of work. Who knows, on the first day of the course, Teacher Lu, who taught mathematics, only gave us five calculation questions. At first, I didn't think it was strange. I just started school. Of course, I can't leave too much homework. Unexpectedly, one month has passed, and the amount of work has always been this. I am a little unsettled, and my heart is straightforward: Which of the students in the graduating class should not "head the beam, the cone (zhu��) thorn stocks?" Can it be so easy? Didn��t Teacher Lu teach the sixth grade? Not like! She is very experienced in lectures (m��n) <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Wholesale Cigarettes</a>. It��s weird!estion. However, once you analyze it, you will find the difference. Each question has its own characteristics, and there are few repetitive ones. Once, when I checked the calculations, I accidentally found that there were two questions that could be answered in two ways. The next day, Teacher Lu walked into the classroom with joy, and the beautiful big eyes smiled into a crescent moon. I raised my homework and let the students watch it. I liked it. Then, she said: "Learning must have a spirit of diligence and thinking, adopt a flexible approach, and actively discover problems <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Marlboro Gold Pack</a>." This can make me happy! From then on, whenever I do math problems, I will pay attention to whether there are other solutions for each topic, and strive to find the easiest way. The class also has a "heat of problem solving". It is also strange to say that there are more than two solutions to the questions set by Teacher Lu. How did she pick her homework? really weird! Because there are not many homework, even those students who can't finish their homework in time can hand in on time, no more frowning, and sighing. Because the topic has "heads", it everyone: "What is the ratio of the two ratios?" "One third." We said in unison. "Is the ratio of these two ratios equal?" "Equal." We replied. ��Good!�� Teacher Lu told us: ��Students, the ratio of the two ratios can be connected by an equal sign.�� Teacher Lu suddenly stopped and asked everyone: ��Who can talk about what we are studying today? "Proportion!" We replied loudly. She turned and wrote the title of "Proportion" on the blackboard, and the new lesson began. The teacher talked about it, and we listened to it. At this point, we feel that learning new knowledge is as easy as reviewing old knowledge. In the conversation with us, Teacher Lu has skillfully linked old and new knowledge. hate mathematics are so addicted to this class. I just wanted to laugh when I saw Teacher Lu walking into the door. I was happy when I wher Lu put a notebook in the classroom. I opened it with curiosity, hehe! The above is written in a dense manner <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Parliament Cigarettes</a>, all of which are exercises. Some of them with the "*" are all the problems that appear in our homework. I was shocked and fully understood <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">Newport Cigarettes Price</a>. Teacher Lu used a lot of hard work to prepare lessons. In order to touch the rules and ease the burden of our schoolwork, she worked hard. I seem to have re-acquainted with Lu, who is with us on the eve of her day and night <a href="www.smokingsalestore.com">How Much Is A Carton Of Newports</a>, feeling that she is eccentric and eccentric!

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