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Re: Psionic powers.

Postby Summerlander » 26 Aug 2018 14:02

Brett, everything is energy. Matter is condensed energy; this includes neurons, muscles, bones etc. Energy is not exactly 'stored' anywhere, especially when all the cells in our bodies are replaced roughly every decade.

As I said before, energy in the universe is conserved, but the information that describes objects and subjects with unique experience is not.
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Re: Psionic powers.

Postby BrettNortje » 26 Aug 2018 21:54

Yes, this is a very scientific discipline to master, and, you need to understand all sorts of things to manifest them properly. One thing I really want to share is the strong force, which is the understanding of the proton, for magnetism, of course. This is where you need to use mass to affect mass, drawing from your understanding of the cosmos and sciences out there, to draw from your body for energy and mind for direction, and, direct the protons as if you were the x man "Magneto," okay?

This would be down to collecting mass out of the object you wish to manipulate, and, draw it in as if you were a vacuum. This would be sucking the energy out of it, to go around it, activating in fact. This would be an arousal of energy which you manifest with stimulants from your own body, and, then emit your focused heat aura into the object, or, ourself to make yourself levitate around, with more speed coming with mastering the activation and rebuilding of the object or yourself with a cycle of renewal. This would be like those magnetized rolling balls or shredded steel, they are active because they are rolling ad charged, but they will always 'reassemble,' yes?

Then, you need to actually project your energy towards it, and, this can be done by studying "the wave model," okay? This is where you manage to project your own will into the object, and, move it to the place specified, of course. After that, you need to have incredible time to spend on this, as you will need to study, focus, develop mentally and emotionally, and, of course, have the reserves of willpower and energy to do.

Finishing off, you need to use mental pictures for it to move. You need to conjure a figment of charges emotionally, that your subconscious will understand, and it understands nearly anything it has witnessed or conceived of, and, merely use flowing images to make 'it' move.
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Re: Psychosis?

Postby samia87 » 19 Nov 2018 07:41

I like using Detoxicated when I drink. They use eastern medicine-based hangover remedies (DHM- Vine Tea, prickly pear, White Willow extract) rather than just aspirin and caffeine. It works wonders.

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