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World of Lucid's Facebook page activity

Postby maya » 28 Oct 2012 03:34

Dear Rebecca,
I began wondering if perhaps recently my regular contributions to your "Recent Posts by Others" section on the World of Lucid Dreaming Facebook page, are not in any way intrusive?
It occurred to me that i never asked your permission to reply to people's posts that are actually directed to you, and if there had been any doubt about my intentions.
I don't have anything to advertize, i don't have a lucid blog (although i probably should), i simply saw so many people reaching out for help on your Facebook page, yet so many went unanswered in the past months. I discovered i enjoy answering their questions and didn't know i had so much lucid dreaming knowledge in me.
I see now why site activity has been slim, you have a beautiful new addition to your family which requires most of your energy. Congratulations! and wishing great health and happiness for your new family.

I hope you don't mind me borrowing your site traffic in the mean time, and that my attempts to answer peoples questions are acceptable.


For those who just got here and are interested in having a peep at the Facebook page, here's the link:

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