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Re: Bullying

Postby Worldenterer1 » 31 Mar 2013 01:42

Ryan wrote:Let's take this to an extreme for just a second... consider "rape". I'm sure you're thinking to yourself, BUT THAT'S DIFFERENT! No, it's really not... and if you decide to categorize in such a manner, then this discussion has kind of ended before it really began.
A lot of people in this world are hypocrites... they believe in, say, two things that are completely contradicting. For example, being pro-life... but supporting war. Anyway, I think that's my two cents on the subject. I'll just leave it at that for now. LoL

Now wait a minute, I never shout "But that's different", but could you please rephrase that paragraph about rape? Because I didn't really understand what you were trying to say. I want to understand your point of view to the fullest.[/quote]
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Re: Bullying

Postby taniaaust1 » 31 Mar 2013 06:30

Peter wrote:i dont know the extent of you daughers disability so hope this does not offend but i left school at 15 and have no formal education at all but am self taught by reading thousands of books and thinking and getting on with it. I do accept that it is harder now but if she can read and write then find something she is passionate about and just keep her busy

Yeah I know many could of over come this if they were motivated to learn. My daughter thou needed that pushing of a teacher for motivation, she has Aspergers too and hence dont motivate herself well at all unless its something which she's very interested in.

She's also finds reading and also spelling hard as she went throu most of her schooling not being able to read properly or see the blackboard, so is shocking at reading and spelling. A children eyes specialist when she was in junior primary and getting headaches and saying she couldnt read.. said she was faking it. It turned out she wasnt and she couldnt really see well. She finally got glasses when she was in high school, only a year or two till she had to leave due to the bullying (so had then much catching up to do and never caught up to her grade level she was in. She would of failed two grades but the school didnt want to keep her back longer then just the one year as they liked children to be with their peer group so they kept on puttng her up from there. She spent her whole school years having some one to one learning in special class due to her learning issues which were greatly caused by her not being able to see to read). I think her issues have now been confounded due to all the problems with reading over so many years.. has left her too with a big dislike of reading. She doesnt like books at all.

She really needed at least a couple of more years in school due to the various issues she's got and to be reading/spelling better and with confidence since getting those glasses. (Im still angry to this day at that eye specialist who told me he gets several girls per year in his office who fake sight issues. I tried to get her medical file of the appointment as I was going to sue but his receptionist wouldnt allow me to have the file to read and copy before he checked it first.. and a few weeks later when I finally was allowed to view it, I found he altered things there so it dont look as if he's to blame. So what has happened is just now my word against his. I have no witness to what he said (and one very angry at me daughter for not listening to her and not taking her to other eye doctors. That eye doctor was the second I'd taken to her as the first said he could see she had an issue but didnt know exactly what it was as he wasnt a childrens specialist and he then sent her to that other one who was a childrens specialist). I knew there was something wrong with her sight but at that point was too ill to take her to more doctors... so it got left for years and years till her father did something.
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Re: Bullying

Postby Peter » 31 Mar 2013 08:25

Thanks for understanding my post in the way it was accepted and I have delt with Aspergers once of twice in the past and accept that there are barriers that could be very hard to get past.
I wont offer advice as It would be past my experience

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