A glimpse into the Wild - Xelva's dreams

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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A glimpse into the Wild - Xelva's dreams

Postby Xelva » 08 Feb 2019 12:21

Dream I

There was a dance class going on. Not the kind of dancing I usually do, really, but yet I deemed it worth a shot. It was a mixture of acrobatics and contemporary dance, perhaps like zumba but with a partner. Whatever it was, I barely managed to survive. Dancing was not my strong suit but I watched the rest of the group elegantly doing flicks and flips and rolls, looked at their mismatched hair bands before returning to my partner. Hammok was his name [...]

The setting changed. I was back in my childhood home, sitting on the desk where I used to play the first computer games ever on my giant computer. Hammok was next to me, introducing me to different game ideas. It was a fantasy game, similar to these MMORPGs, not that I had much experience with those either. I, however, liked the way he talked to me. Blonde, slightly curled hair, oval face, interesting features, tall. There was an animated woman with long black hair and a green robe on the screen, clearly Japanese. Aiku the name given to her. I turned to the side and within a few seconds, he clicked the arrow that would show us the next character. Aiku was his creation, apparently dangerous and I could not get him to tell me more. A figure from behind that resembled my father then came and the gaming session was over. [...]

I and James then hurried through the pub to go to our rooms. It resembled the campus bar in structure with its dark furniture and several staircases, only older in design. I passed Hammok, looked back at him and he nodded towards me. I wanted to talk to him but James was almost already gone and I knew I had his number if anything happened so I let it go. The halls were like labyrinths, all in white. We walked through several floors in search of our room number. 30 minutes passed until we left the place from the backdoor. All the doors then were sealed, lights turning red. I looked around suspiciously. One of the cruise ships just left the harbor. I told the guards that I wanted to catch some fresh air, pretending to be clueless when I really knew something was wrong. He told us not to go too far and I agreed. Once outside, I removed the electronic wristbands and turned off wifi and GPS, told my partner to do the same. This must have been some sort of a game. We continued to walk while I tried to call Hammok but he wouldn't answer his phone. The only chance left was Yu, one of his characters that came to life. She was a childish, Chinese girl that reminded me of a fox. She was an artist, a painter and easily distracted. I was able to contact her once or twice but unable to get her to listen. Once we passed an alleyway, another hotel came to sight with a massive swimming pool, lights and fountains. I noticed how the weather has changed, was much brighter where we were standing now. Something was definitely wrong.


I will use this thread as a diary for myself to train my memory and eventually look back on different patterns and symbols.

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