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morphing real life with dream, hearing

Posted: 18 Nov 2013 21:43
by Lucid Dreamer
I wasnt sure where to put this, but this is a question that has been in my mind for about a year now. How come when asleep and when one hear something in real life, the dream molds to that sound in real life. How does ones dream make sense of something that is so randomly heard in real life? For example, I was sleeping on a bus, and I began to dream. Two little boys in front of me started talking, and my dream molded to fit their conversation that I was hearing in my dream. The actions fit perfectly, and for some reason my dream was in since with timing, almost seeming as it predicted when they were going to say something. Do you understand what I am saying? Can anyone explain this?

Re: morphing real life with dream, hearing

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 01:04
To put it bluntly, we take stimuli and interpret it. That's what a dream is.
In a deep dream the stimuli is created subconsciously.
In a light dream we can hear real wold external noises and they influence the dream too. And it happens so fast it is faster than our perceived, conscious thought itself. :o (Does that make sense?!)

Plain and simple explanation, but an amazing phenomenon when it happens.

Re: morphing real life with dream, hearing

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 01:40
by torakrubik
I had a similar experience a while ago, I was in hypnogogia and I was seeing a man raise a plant pot above his head. Just as he brought it down and it smashed on the ground, a loud 'clink' jolted me and I woke up fully. It was the boiler clicking on in waking reality. Like you, the strange thing I found was that my hallucination built up to a moment that had yet to happen in waking reality.

Re: morphing real life with dream, hearing

Posted: 19 Nov 2013 01:54
When I was a child, around 6 or 7 years old, I had a light dream in the morning and I heard a car door slam and saw it in my dream. I woke up and looked out the window and my uncle, aunt and cousins had arrived and closed their car door outside so I assumed I must have heard it and dreamed of it.

But how did I know it was going to happen before it happened? In the dream, there was no delay and it was seamless. I saw the door start to close in my dream before I heard the noise! How is that possible? Precognition?

It still puzzles me to this day.

It's a dream from long ago, but I will never forget.

Re: morphing real life with dream, hearing

Posted: 07 Dec 2013 01:13
by Lucid Dreamer
exactly my question hagart. It is fascinating. Toricrubik, that is exactly what I'm talking about too. thank you.

Re: morphing real life with dream, hearing

Posted: 08 Dec 2013 20:37
by deschainXIX
Yes! Exactly! I know what you guys are talking about, I get it all the time. It's so weird.
Here's something else I experienced that's in the same neighborhood.
Once, I was dreaming, sort of watching my room from a far, upper-righthand corner. I had left the house telephone on the floor beside my bed. As I watched, I saw my brother open the door, walk in, pick the phone up from the floor, and leave.
It wasn't an OOBE, because my body wasn't in the bed. I was simply in that sort of "3rd person" view that sometimes happens in dreams. Also, it had that unstable, murky dream-look. You know what I mean? The lighting was fickle and dark; there were many objects in my room I didn't recognize.
I woke up and looked at the floor. The phone was gone. Later, I asked him if he came into my room last night to get the phone. He said yes, but he had come in during the early-morning. It's strange; the lighting in the dream didn't fit with that.