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Minecraftish dreams

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 21:36
by HeadlessScorpio
Here are 2 dreams I had 1 I forgot to right about and another I had this morning. They both had minecraft like stuff

1. Labyrinth (Old Dream )

I was playing a new free PC game(not a real one but from my dream) I got from the Internet. It was called Labyrinth. Some times the graphics were like minecraft or high def. texture packs and sometimes they weren't blocky at all. The game took place in a forest not a Labyrinth. The trees and grass were like minecraft. Time moved fast and night came. I cleared some trees and made a house with glass windows but there was no sand in miles. I went out and fought zombies which looked High Def. with chunks of flesh and missing scraps of clothes. I found a dungeon and looted it for cool stuff. I found a cool looking shelf which looked like a yellow shelf held up by a legless zombie also yellow. I looked into the game guide it came with. I read the manual and it said the shelf now referred to as a yellow watcher(there were other colors) came to life when you looked away. I resumed and tried to fight the watcher. I didn't move so I looked in the guide and saw that watchers only attacked in darkness. I fought a Eldritch Abomination boss called Labyrinth.

Gollum died for starters. Except his name was Bilbo. A Pharaoh who was Bilbos, who I have no idea on why he died friend and the Pharaohs servant(who looked normal) were destroying his body. The Pharaoh threw it in a deep pit. William the servant asked where it went. Pharaoh said it was home of the abyss god. Then I was playing minecraft and saw a pyramid and was attacked by mummies in minecraft. They looked like skeletons with yellow skin and wither skull heads. They looked like the real life Pharaoh because he has yellow wrappings every where but his head that looks mummified the only difference was the Pharaoh wore a crown. Then read a article about scooby doo. I found a scroll with half a picture on it. It showed a skinny yellow creature with frog feet and hands. Me and my friends went to find the Pharaoh. Meanwhile Will got possessed by abyss god and grows wings. Then Me,My Friends,The Pharaoh and Possessed Will were on the coach talking. Then I found the rest of the drawing.

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Re: Minecraftish dreams

Posted: 28 Jun 2014 16:10
by deschainXIX
Nice. I usually have Minecraftish dreams if I've been playing the game recently. Just goes to show how immersive Minecraft is.

Re: Minecraftish dreams

Posted: 30 Jun 2014 16:02
by JonSnowLD
Minecraft dreams are awesome! I've had a few when I've been playing it a lot-not recently but I've been thinking about experimenting with playing minecraft a lot in the day to maybe influence dream content and then try using that to become lucid ;)
Once I ended up discovering this awesome minecraft cave with a frozen lake on the floor and tapestry things at the entrance-it was cool ;)

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Re: Minecraftish dreams

Posted: 21 Aug 2014 16:47
by nawick
I have never played Minecraft.
But Last night I did have PORTAL dreams. Instead of flying, I made portals to go where I wanted.
"Well, this dream is lame..." zap, jump, new dream.
"Looks okay, but I want to be over there..." zap, jump

Very odd