I have 2 (Prison Break and Shooting a t.v. character??)

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I have 2 (Prison Break and Shooting a t.v. character??)

Postby LucidLover140 » 08 Oct 2014 09:05

First of all and these are the exact words i wrote i my dream journal we have prison break.
Prison Break:
I was on in a prison break with my partner.I promised her to split the money 50-50. The plan was that we would get into a party next to the prison on is some palace/temple that after the party leads to a boat going to America. When we knocked out the guards with some sort of gas it was time to escape (my feelings: finally after 4 years of prison i'm going to finally get out of this stupid place.) when we had climbed up the steps of the building with surprisingly no people at the entrance we got in and went straight for the food on the tables (oh was it was nice) anyway we hid behind some curtains with some cool flashy stuff behind it like disco balls and signs etc. we stayed there for about what felt like 30 mins when some guys came in shouting a us asking us who we were. Once confirmed on who we were we had to have a death sentence I was so terrified i told my partner it was time, you see we had an agreement that if we got caught and if i said so that she was allowed to shoot me. so i closed my eyes and listened to the deafening sound of the BANG! and then i wake up

Secondly we have fighting a t.v. character?? based on the game (natural selection 2)
All i remember in this dream is that i had a pistol and a sniper and we were trying to kill each other. After we ran out of bullets i decided i'd buy him and my self a robot to kill each other? what the heck is wrong with me>.< lol. so we get into our positions and before we can even start to shoot each other i wake up.

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