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I Almost Tripped Over My Own Consciousness

Posted: 07 Jun 2015 01:52
by SgtPepper
First of all, don't let the title mislead you. Nothing crazy happened. The title is supposed to be a pun.

So, last night I saw on Reddit that bananas can give you vivid dreams. So I ate one banana, and boy did I have some strange dreams. But there was one in particular about LSD that left me a little uneasy. So, here is a little backstory:
I have never taken acid and I do not plan on it due to a military commitment. But I am extremely interested in the psychology of how it effects people. I have done loads of research and know a lot about it. Here's the short dream that I had:

So, I was sitting in a random restaurant, and put three (connected) blotter squares on my tongue. Now I was waiting for the effects. The dream turned into a totally unrelated dream and I forgot about the LSD. But in a later dream, I remembered that I took acid. Then I could taste an acidic, sour taste (even though LSD doesn't have a taste at all). I took the papers out of my mouth. But instead of 3 hits, the papers kept unfolding and it turned out that I had taken over 20 hits. I started freaking out a little bit. And I was like "holy shit, my reality is about to fucking fold over itself (I know what I meant by that even though it doesn't make much sense). I had no idea what kind of shit was gonna happen, but I was expecting the worse...when... all of the sudden.... I woke up. Phew. That was a close one.