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Another journal entry. This one's part mythological I guess.

Posted: 06 Jul 2015 19:55
by Indoril Nerevar
Direct Entry from journal, please bear with the spaces in the wrong places and wrong starts of paras :P
SC - Scene Change ( The whole dream flashes a different perspective )

A plateau at night on a high top, a road leading down to a town. I am riding along with some projection I consider a friend. I remember he was an African American. He's the one driving the car, a sweet ride colored silver, top down, looked like something of a fluidic Aston Martin. Then there we came to the town a certain farmhouse on the outskirts. Went around it. Found a dark figure running away from us. Chased it, it lead us to somewhere, thats all I remember. Next scene? A whole town burned to cinders by a necromancing witch cult. The wall gates enclosed in some strange purple magical aura. Beautiful to look at but dangerous. I talk to someone and run away taking a high path on another hill. I go through a tunnel which recedes into a big sewer pipe in the car with my friend. He is still driving but now with a grim face. I dont understand a single thing but I know I am angry. We reach a certain point in the tunnel and I see a way up on some ladders, there is a curtain leading to a female healer/shaman's room with beds. I notice I am now injured somehow and she puts me to rest. Days later, or so I dream. I am waking up to a foggy vision. My friend telling me something about how I had been unconscious for days and that I had been under a spell or something, it is foggy, idk and then the healer smiling at me I am given new clothes and I scene changes, I see a settlement in a cliff or something? It is surrounded by cliff faces with a lake in middle, a twirling path leading to the top, a central pillar with window-like portholes glowing yellow. I also see the central pillar attached to the edge path twirled from the bottom with vertical bridge-like road. May have even been a bridge idr. Scene changes. I feel anger towards the necromancing witch cult as I remember my healer being slain to their rampage. I take a small tunnel passageway and even smaller pipe converting into a small entity maybe a rat? and then into an open plain outside the purple magic enveloped town or even inside I have no clue. There is a small piece of paper on fire with inscriptions flying alongside me and following me. I see the members of the witch cult. I get angry and I blast them with flame coming out of my hand with red hot rage. The scene is alongside a house or houses, near some trees and foliage and some theme try to run away but I get the strays. The leader and two of her witches try to subdue me but they do not seem to. I kill about three of their cult and they flee. Scene changes. A corridor from Hogwarts? a room, a BIG room like the one with the boggart except without a single piece of clutter anywhere. It also has windows and there are a LOT of soldiers in the room battling some black monsters having swords. There is the leader of the witches transformed into a golden behemoth that looks a little like Dahaka. I recognise her from her diadem she is wearing on her behemoth head. There is a voice telling me so. I battle the monster. It tries to run away. But I draw power from the anger coursing deep within my veins about my healer. Just the healer.....May have some special significance. I destroy the behemoth. It shatters and splits into a ten armor pieces. The monster army goes the same way. Many of the soldiers are killed but they still celebrate the victory. NOT LUCID ANYWHERE

Re: Another journal entry. This one's part mythological I gu

Posted: 06 Jul 2015 20:05
by Indoril Nerevar
Google'd Dahaka. My She-Dahaka was bigger, a lot more golden, had a big giant's dinner plate for body armor and had an elephant's tusk size horns on her head