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John F. Kennedy

Posted: 16 Jun 2012 21:03
by Worldenterer1
I had a very sad and disappointing dream a while back. It was one of those kinds of dreams where you don't know you're dreaming, but you can still make educated decisions.

I know these forums are international, so for those of you who might not know, John F. Kennedy was the 35th American president, and probably the most liked by the country.

In my dream, I was in this open clearing with President Kennedy. It looked like it was a local park area or something. There were secret service agents (the president's personal guard) all around the park. I was talking with JFK, and he seemed like a really cool person. Eventually, an ice cream truck drove up, and all of the men that were guarding the president ran over and started buying ice creams.

I looked away for a moment, and then I heard a gunshot and a thud next to me. I looked back and John F. Kennedy was lying on the ground clutching his shoulder. I kicked over the table we were sitting at and used it as protection from gunfire.

The presidents guards dropped their ice creams and started shooting back at the hidden assassin.

I crouched over the president and tore open his jacket. The bullet had ripped through his jacket, and hit him in the upper left area of his chest, just above his heart. I took off my jacket and started applying pressure to the president's wound. The blood wouldn't stop coming out though. I yelled for help to the agents, but they were busy shooting at the assassin. One other guy managed to come over.

I was telling JFK that he would be O.K. and he was going to make it, but he started coughing up blood and trying to tell us something important.

He eventually died while we were trying to save him. I woke up afterwards feeling very frustrated and angry that I was not able to save him, not only because he was the president, but also because it felt like we had become great friends while we were talking earlier.


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Re: John F. Kennedy

Posted: 16 Jun 2012 21:33
by dreamerinmiami
cool dream! its weird how dreams change how things happen but its the same concept/ending. the JFK assassin was a very sad time in America. ( i wasn't alive at the time but i know he was a GREAT president).

Re: John F. Kennedy

Posted: 18 Jun 2012 02:14
by Worldenterer1
dreamerinmiami wrote:( i wasn't alive at the time but i know he was a GREAT president).

Same here.

Re: John F. Kennedy

Posted: 01 Jul 2017 02:31
by Nickfan40
I had a dream about him a few days ago. Another girl and I were in the Oval Office with him. I was about to shake his hand when I said, "There's something I have to tell you..." Before I can tell him the rest, I fade out of the scene. I was about to tell him not to go to Dallas.

If you're a big Twilight Zone fan, watch the 1980's rebooted version episode, A Profile in Silver. It's about a Harvard professor/historian named Joe Fitzgerald (Lane Smith), who goes back in time to save John F. Kennedy (Andrew Robinson). It's on YouTube, I think. It really made me cry, even though I never got to meet him; I was born in 1975. My parents liked him, even though they were Republicans! They got married the very day he died!