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Tiger Dream

Posted: 25 Jul 2012 04:22
by Rebecca
This is a vivid dream I had several years ago. It had an air of horror even though nothing actually happened; it was just a circumstance that filled me with eerie dread. I jotted down the details in my journal, and the next day went on to add more descriptive so I could turn it into a short story. Mostly I was trying to convey the emotional intensity of the dream. This is what I got:

I woke up, unable to move, unable to remember.

Peering hopelessly through the dense foggy atmosphere, I knew the cracked black desert stretched out to the horizon. The mist crawled of its own accord, powered only by silent anticipation. While I lie there, too hypnotized to move, I watched it slowly writhe against itself, enjoying its own putrid flow.

My right leg dangled awkwardly in a puddle of inky water. I twitched my foot which made stunted ripples ricochet back and tongue at my skin.

Then the puddle became a giant crack in the planet’s surface; a huge rip in its coarse ugly skin, leaking black blood. Thousands of smaller scars mirrored the wound in the arid surface, a dirty plague that possessed its host.

Yet there were no signs of life. Even the atmosphere had died and become an old deranged ghost. It seemed to enjoy my presence; it swirled, slowly and menacingly. It couldn’t attack, but would linger in my thoughts and smile at me as it left me there to die. The atmosphere was quite deadly.

I realized then I was still holding my breath. With a sharp puff I released a lungful of stale air only to draw in a far ranker atmosphere.

The movement revealed the beast.

As the mist bowed away, I saw him lying there with his coloring on fire in contrast to the sentient undead around us. His orange and black stripes fell limply against the ground, the fur ruffled only by the slow mute breathing of the mist. The almond-shaped eyes were wide open but he did not see me. His lifeless gaze was held only by the fog.

The beast was so close; I could touch him with my foot. I extended my knee and shoved gently at his immense body. The fur was rougher than I expected. I kicked at him again... probing him... testing him. I lifted his front paw with my foot, exposing large sharp claws that, once deadly, were now rendered harmless. Or were they...?

The atmosphere swirled giddily and laughed.

An electric impulse jolted through me; the double-take of fear as I realized what the heck I was doing. I dropped the paw suddenly, which fell with a plop into the dank water – into my puddle – and I wrenched my leg out with a yelp.

I fell back onto the black rock and waited, always keeping an eye on the dead tiger before me.

Re: Tiger Dream

Posted: 25 Jul 2012 08:27
by Shadow
I liked reading that. You really painted a picture in my head. If you have some other short stories you should share them with us :D

Re: Tiger Dream

Posted: 18 Sep 2012 12:24
by Rebecca
Heh thanks. I'm still learning to do fiction, it's hard not to be cliche/cheesy. But I really enjoy writing it and know that practice makes perfect. I'll test more stuff out here as I get other dream-inspired fiction ;)

There is also this:

Re: Tiger Dream

Posted: 03 Oct 2012 19:57
by Tom.H
Wow, that was amazing to read! Thanks for sharing it with us! :) I just realised how much more awesome my dream journal would be if I wrote it like this, thanks for the inspiration!