Rather short but impressive dream

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Rather short but impressive dream

Postby Shynia » 11 Jul 2018 16:26

I was floating above fields, heading to a great forest, searching for something. I was pretty high above the ground, because the people I found at the edge of the forest were tiny as ants. When I saw them, I knew I found what I was searching for. I floated a little bit farther down.
There was a huge animal, lying outside from the forest, next to a huge tree, dead. It was a mix between dog, wolf and fox. The people were climbing up on it and I remember seeing one standing on its fang, the tooth being longer than the person standing on it, the whole animal being around the size of a whale. Other people were walking in and out the forest. Then, I realised, that there were only large trees like the one that got cut out and was lying next to the fox mix, standing close to each other, building a circle around the huge forest, where in the middle the biggest tree I ever saw stood high.
I now realised, that the people couldn't see the other huge animals behind the giant trees rimming the forest. Each one looked different, like a mix of a kind of animals. One was a mix of different cat types, lion/tiger, another one from mouse types, etc. They were each behind a large tree, grabbing it with their arms, hands, paws, claws. They were transparent and just sitting there, almost the same size as the trees they were hugging, staring outside of the forest. No one seemed to notice them.
I knew that this was the beginning of the end, when the people reached the giant tree in the middle of the forest, they would probably destroy it and end all life with it. Cutting out the first giant tree and killing the (up until then ethereal) spirit animal was the first step to destruction.

Sadly, I woke up while I was starting my attack on the people nearest to me.
This dream is one of my most memorable dreams and pretty old too. I dreamt it about 15 years ago when I was a teenager and I still can recall that huge fang looking out of the mouth, with that guy standing on it. And of course the sadness I felt when I saw the dead animal, lying on its side...

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