The craziest/longest dream I ever had

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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The craziest/longest dream I ever had

Postby justine.soisson » 09 Aug 2012 20:42

I had this dream awhile ago. I don't remember the exact date but as soon as I woke up, I typed it onto my computer just because I remembered everything! I realize some things aren't capitalized and other things of that sort but I was quick about it just so I could type everything. Here goes..

6:04 am

holy shit! let me just tell you about the numerous dreams i had. in the first one, me and my dad were on our way home from somewhere and i saw some weird crap on the way but then i saw a guy dragging an alien behind his truck. it was still alive and it was HUGE and had long arms and tenticles and it was purple colored. a weird purple. i sadly waved to it as we drove by. it had a sad look on its face but it waved back. Then i get home and i try and call mikey to tell him about the alien. i called twice and he didnt answer. it went straight to voicemail. so i start telling everyone at home about it and no ones believeing me for some reason not even my dad. joelle was home from the hospital and she was just layin there. she wouldnt lift up her shirt to let me see her stitches but you could see it through her shirt. the cut was bigger than it shouldve been but i still thought it was real. jacob was there also. and he was sitting in front of her leaning back on her and her stitches and i kept yelling at him. they both kept laughing. when she said it didnt hurt i got a little weirded out. next thing i know me, debi, mikey and my mom are in the coug. were driving through mcdonald from the firehall about to come to the light and my car dies. of all ppl to get out and look my mom and debi do. i ask mikey to push my car backwards so i can back into this parking lot so its not in the middle of the rd. he says he cant do that. then i asked if he could push it forward so i can at least get it off the rd and again he says he cant do that. by this point my mom and debi are nowhere to be seen. and the parking lot i wanted to put the coug in was no longer there. i ask to pull it to the side of the rd and when i look back to the passengers seat mikeys gone. i step out of the car. theres snow on the ground and not a single human being in sight. next thing i know me and debi are walking into my house like we just pulled in. all the while im talking about this damn alien. then we get inside and she asks me to turn on this tiny ac for her. and by tiny i mean tiny lol. but i do. i struggle at first cause if you turn the knob one way its heat, the other ac. tricky. either way i leave her downstairs on my moms computer. i go upstairs to my room and on my way up my phone rings. its eddie. i answer it and start talking about the alien again. i asked if he saw it or heard anything about it. like i was yelling really loud for some reason. and my window was wide open. kinda scared me. either way i continue to ask him about the alien all the while hes telling me stuff like, 'there was no alien' 'idk what your talking about' 'just forget about the alien already' then i go to look out my window and he says something that makes me take the phone away from my ear and look at it. i almost drop it out the window. then i sit on my bed and notice theres 3 other people in my room. 2 of those people are my cousin nicolas and jarrod pollard. theyre for some reason sleeping in oversized clothes baskets. they get up cause they say i was being too loud and jarrod ( who is for some reason a younger version of the jarrod today ) comes up on my bed and wants me to hold him. some lady comes in my room and shuts my door and leaves and we cuddle and fall asleep. i wake up, alone, thinking its thursday (today) and i have to work at 5. still talking about the alien. either way, me and my dad are leaving the uni cause hes driving me and i start telling him how ever since i saw the alien things have just seemed weird. he tells me im fine 'itll be ok, babe' and we pull out of the uni towards the big tunnell. for some reason theres traffic and were stuck at and angle on the main rd facing the post office and the tunnell. its raining. i start gettin creeped out cause theres never traffic in midway and my dad was just too calm smiling the whole time. then some random girl i have never seen comes to the end of the sidewalk from the post office but on the side of the rd closest to the tunnel. she ends up right in front of the car and through the windsheild wipers wiping away the rain i see her point at me very casually with squinty eyes and flick her cigarette. then theres about 6 or 7 ppl standing in front of and around the van. my dad thinks nothing of it and still continues to drive, still smiling. im gettin stressed out as hell thinking were gonna run someone over, wtf do these ppl want. what if they try to kill us. that kinda stuff. we finally get in the tunnell only for me to see just a wall of like a million ppl blocking the other side of the tunnel from top to bottom. there were a bunch of people in the tunnel too and yet another wall of people on the other side. the whole time im freakin out and my dads just tryin to drive. finally i look at him and he still has a smile on his face. we get out of the van on my side of the car and were facing each other. i yell to him and ask 'is this a dream' and with that creepy smile STILL on his face, he backs into the crowd of people and disappears and i wake up. at some point in this never ending dream me, tommy, mikey and kenny ward of all people are sittin somewhere. it looks like bates driveway but i can see north st when i look to my right. either way. taylor lautner was there with his bf? ew lol and they kept kissing and i remember thinking it was just gross. then i look to my right and see some kid just strangely and too quickly bookin it down the rd. like a vampire from twilight. lol hes not comin STRAIGHT for us but we all knew he was comin our way. tommy was singing to me and dancin like he always does. then he starts yellin at kenny to put the blunt out. for some reason he gets an attitude and throws it and says 'there its out, it dont matter' idk anyway the kid that was runnin was already there and we just kept ignoring him. idk who it was but ya. then taylors bf leaves and next thing i know hes just staring at me. he gets up all teary eyed and starts to walk away so i followed him. i asked him what was wrong and he starts yelling at me 'if you wouldnt of told him what happened we wouldnt have this problem' he kept saying. 'told who what, what problem' is what i kept saying. then he walks past me to leave and by the time i turn around hes gone. i turn back around and no ones there theres just a bunch of red balloons with red strings just floating at my height above the ground. i yelled something about how i was dreaming and a girl appears to my left saying 'of course it is, and nicki minaj is here to see you' lol she points down the hill in front of me and i look and shes there and shes the only thing with light on her. like she was all that was visible. everything else was dark. i run down there and she just smiles. not saying a word. for some reason we end up just laying there singing one of her songs together. all the while shes smiling. then i hear my mom calling me. i run home telling her ill be right back. shes just still smiling. on the way home i feel like i woke up from a dream or ended up in another dream. i get home and i notice i have different clothes on and i have my headset on for work. i asked my 'what do you want cause i got nicki minajs outside wanting to talk to ME' they laughed like i was crazy and i looked outside and it wasnt dark anymore it was daytime. idk what she wanted, there was a bunch of random people ive never seen before standing in my kitchen which looked like a tornado went through it. my cabinets were gone, the sink was gone, it was just a wreck. all of the sudden i see terri laurick outside my kitchen window in her bathing suit under an umbrella smoking a cigarette. me, my mom, my pappy and some other lady walk outside to see if shes ok. she starts talking about how shes gonna beat someones ass. she somehow gave me her phone and i started to ask my mom if i was dreaming. she said 'no i think id know you slept all day then went to work' i didnt remember going to work cause that was just another dream. i kept continually yelling, 'this is a dream, this is a dream, wake me up, its a dream, i know im dreaming' then my pappy tells me to quit yelling and terri and some lady start fighting. i start to walk away saying 'i honestly dont care cause this is a dream' and right as i say that i look to my left before going inside and a meteor hits terri and the lady and almost my pappy but he jumped out of the way. my pappy, my uncle jeff, and uncle nicky started to walk towards the house laughing. i just shook my head and continued to head inside. then i hear my pap say 'maybe if i wouldnt have jumped out of the way so fast she wouldnt of known she was dreaming' then they laugh. and before i shut the door they just stand in the driveway singing some weird song just staring at me. all the while with smiles on their faces. no one was in my house anymore. i ran upstairs creeped out. i jumped in my bed like i always do and layed down and covered up. i still had terris phone and for some reason she had mikeys number. i called twice and he didnt answer. it went straight to voicemail. then i called eddie, i just wanted someone to tell me something normal. he answers with a what up and i said hello. he didnt say anything. i just hear static and wispering in the background. i say hello again and thats when i wake up. like legitly wake up lol i woke up hearing myself say hello in my sleep thinking i had a phone on my ear laying in the same position i was in when i layed down in my dream. fml. seriously one of the craziest dreams of my life. then i called mikey as soon as i woke up just to make sure i was actually up this time. the first time i called it went straight to voicemail just like in my dream and my heart dropped. then the second time i called he answered finally. honestly, too crazy for me lol

Sorry for all of the things I don't recall from my dream but I must say I feel like I remembered enough lol This dream was by far the craziest dream I have ever had in my life. I've always wanted a dream analyst to explain this to me but I think it might be too wild for an explanation.

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