The dream my user is based on ( :) )

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The dream my user is based on ( :) )

Postby 2ndMetaKnight » 04 Jan 2019 17:17

So I'll just say i'm obsessed with sci-fi and kirby, and both of those things have to do with this dream.
So in the dream I was meta knight ( i've been kirby's characters in dreams after this one, like in my first lucid dream I turned into magolor ), and there was a second meta knight. So we were in my school, in the art room, and it was full of round tables for some reason (I had just moved to that school so not sure if that has to do with it) when we saw a baby meta knight who had a fox tail for whatever reason. Then I remember the second meta knight looking at the younger one and saying "frick" or something. Then I woke up.

If I could ( or if I knew how ) to redream things while lucid this would be one I would do just so I could ask why there was two ( well three ) meta knights in the same room. I've heard of people having dreams where they see a copy of themself, dreams where they see themself younger, and dreams where the fictional characters, but never combined. Again, I wish I could have talked to one of the others in the dream.

I had this dream a while go by the way.

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