Black Ops Zombie Adventure

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Black Ops Zombie Adventure

Postby Jack Reacher » 06 Oct 2012 00:35

This dream happened a few months ago but I feel it deserves its own topic after thinking back on how cool it became. I was playing too much zombies on black ops one night and as I went to sleep images of defending windows from zombies were popping in and out of my head and eventually a dream formed where I was holding an assault rifle and was shooting zombies. The zombies werent like video game zombies but were actual people desperatly ripping the planks off the window, it was extremely vivid and realistic and incredibly scary.

As the dream progressed it seemed I was leveling up and unlocking new areas subconsciously. As I delved deeper into this level, eventually I forgot about the zombies and I stumbled upon a huge town with people working together and living this strange utopian lifestyle. It was like something out of a sci fi film, people wore strange cloths and everything was made of glass. After about 20 minutes of exploring this town I got to the edge of the town and I heard gunfire, I kept going and saw a huge wall that went all the way around the town. On top of the wall were gunmen shooting zombies, at the bottom more gunmen were shooting zombies through cracks.

Occasionally the gunment would take a break and go into the town and see his family. As things clicked into place I noticed the workers were building guns and ammunition to help the gunmen, so the rest of the "Players" could live a life while still inside this game. It was like a community within the game, somehow the NPCs formed a community in the zombie game and managed to sustain it, all the fighting was kept well out of sight from the village you wouldnt even know about it. Was pretty cool.
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