Dragon Chase

Share your most awesome, bizarre or lifelike dreams of the non-lucid variety. Tell us about your weirdest nightmares and false awakenings.
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Dragon Chase

Postby Wrbs2000 » 18 Feb 2013 18:07

Last night, I dreamed my little brothers Imaginex dragon was chasing me. I hid in numerous places, including a grocery store and a doctors office. One of my best friends that moved away four years ago was running away with me. After we went to the grocery store, we bought a lot of grocery and stockpiled them in the doctors office. Eventually the dragon found us and I opened up the window and we escaped. Right when I landed on the ground, I woke up. The whole time my friend was smiling, laughing, and having fun. I was exhilarated and was hyper but scared. I woke up and was missing my friend. :?

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