The two dream characters I remember the most... also kirby characters -_-

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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The two dream characters I remember the most... also kirby characters -_-

Postby 2ndMetaKnight » 09 Jan 2019 16:02

Usually when I have a dream with characters in it, there people I know in real life. But there are two characters that stood out to me in my dreams. And also two characters from kirby have appeared in my dreams ( Probably because i'm obsessed with kirby )

Ok first character:
So I likes to make characters ( oc's if you will ). In one of my dreams I saw one of my characters. My character shadow. In my story, shadow is a black magic user but besides that is pretty casual. He has dark black ( not the color, the skin tone ) skin, blue eyes, white hair, and a black cloak ( he's based on darkrai ). He was in my house and he looked really happy to see me. The main thing that confuses me is what he could represent. If anyone could help with that, it would be nice.

character 2:
It wasn't like a visual character but a character that was in a story I was making in the dream. It was a robot that looked like the robots from job simulator ( i'm obsessed with video games ). I don't know why he sticks out but he does.

Ok last thing I wanna say is i've seen that kirby characters meta knight and magolor in dreams twice before. For meta knight, I already talked about the first time, and the second time I was meta knight... except I was purple for some reason. Magolor is a sorta seen him. The first time I was magolor but I was wearing pink. The second time was last night. I wanted to see magolor but I got plushie of him. Its hands we're floating so theres something.

I just wanted to shares these with you all because I wanted to know what you think about them. Also has anyone else lately seen video game characters in their dreams?

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