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Celebrity Dream

Posted: 09 Nov 2013 18:31
by Seoaros
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Re: Celebrity Dream

Posted: 09 Nov 2013 19:30
by Highlander
I think that dreaming of a celebrity means nothing special. Our mind searches for elements that happened to us on the present day or the days before to come up with a dream. Maybe you saw him on a tv by accident or read something about him.

For example, i have dreamt about Kate Beckinsale, Zooey Deschannel and Jennifer Connely on some occasions. And i get this because i like them, they are my "celebrity crushes". But in one dream, i was telling people on the street that we are all dreaming. I told my brother, my father and... Brad Pitt (!!??). Why Brad Pitt? He's not even in my top 10 favourite actors. But i must have seen a movie where he was or read something about him that week.

Re: Celebrity Dream

Posted: 10 Nov 2013 04:27
I've see Conan O'brien, Jon Stewart, and Steven Colbert many times in my dreams.

It's no coincidence that I watch those shows nearly every day and usually at night before bed.

I also have seen some other celebrities in my dreams and I don't know their names, but only the face. Isn't that the definition of a celebrity? A person you recognize, but don't really know. When I think about it, the faces, or the strangers that I recognize as celebrities, didn't look exactly the same as the real one, but was close enough for me to recognize them. I sometimes write in my dream journal, "They REMINDED me of... (SoAndSo)"

For example, the other day I had a celebrity in my dream and I had no idea what the name was. Because of this post I just looked it up now on the internet. It was JOHN REILLY! He's got one of those faces you just recognize.

Re: Celebrity Dream

Posted: 10 Nov 2013 04:43
by Seoaros

Re: Celebrity Dream

Posted: 15 Nov 2013 16:43
by Guitar48300
Back when I was a freshman in high school I had countless dreams of meeting all the members of Metallica, and now every Metallica dream I get I always say "Ok, I'm not dreaming this time, I know for sure this is really happening" :roll: . I think it meant I'm a huge fan of the band and meeting them would be one of the best things ever. So far I've only seen and shook hands with 1 Metallica member in person in reality.

Re: Celebrity Dream

Posted: 30 Nov 2013 04:51
by taniaaust1
I had a dream of Micheal Jackson last night. In my dream where I was a young girl, he sexually abused a little girl... I was then trying to help her get to the safety of her parents.

To me that is so strange as in real life Im one of those who believe he was probably completely innocent and just targeted cause of his like of children and due to him being rich and quite different (strange to many). So why was he a child sex abuser in my dream??

I do have an answer for that but its a bit personal and symbolic to me to share here.


I think dream characters often have symbolic meaning, that includes when one has a celebrity in a dream so think about what they may represent to you. Even if you say that celebratory on tv the night before, it still could have symbolic meaning.