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Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 11 Feb 2015 18:26
by Can
I have been interested in past lives and reincarnation and I think our dreams maybe linked to our past lives. I don't know how to explain this but does anyone get a dream or just random things happening in their heads which feels like a dream - for example just random things (usually this happens to me just before I sleep like when I'm about to sleep) I close my eyes and I get a dream but it is not actually a dream because I sort of know I am awake and random things happen like yesterday when this happened I closed my eyes when I was about to sleep and I was in what looked like Egypt because of the pyramids I saw and there was a man saying 'You see this, that's the room' and then there was someone who was lifted up I think he was the king then someone said something like 'Kali Haseem.' I was awake but I was still dreaming and seeing these things it was random. But I quickly wrote it all down so I could research it. I typed in 'Haseem Kali' and then I found something about 'Haseen' so I typed in 'Haseen Khalid Egypt' and found a google book. How crazy is that? I am not into history or religion and all this just a random dream was something linked to history..years ago. Does anybody else get this just before you fall asleep you get a weird dream/things happening and you can actually hear people saying random things. It has happened to me all the time but I usually forgot about it but I am going to really concentrate on it from now on and quickly write down everything I hear and see. It usually only lasts for a few minutes or seconds then I fall asleep properly but from now on I'm gonna try not to fall asleep straight after it happens and quickly write it down.

Re: Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 11 Feb 2015 18:32
by Can
Oh I just googled about hearing voives before falling sleep and found that its called 'hypagogic hallucination' so I'm not the only who experiences it. But why do we hear these random sentences? And see random things which aren't related to us. It must be linked to our past lives.

Re: Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 14 Feb 2015 07:30
by taniaaust1
The halluncinations between sleep and awake states are quite common.

I thou too have got stuff which really made me wonder if it was from a past life eg I once when I was lucid asked a dream character a question, he answered my question in another language. When I looked it up, it turned out his reply in this other language actually made sense in response to my question. There is no way I'd had exposure to this other language as I grew up not in a city but a small country town.

Coincidence or not??...

I do thou get past life memories happen on occassions but not when Im in bed but when Im fully awake and something has triggered one off eg meeting someone again. At times these people have remembered me too.

Re: Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 14 Feb 2015 07:41
by Philosopher8659
The human mind is responsible for human behavior. Lucid Dreaming is a school used for the modification of human behavior. Dream settings are up to your teacher. The human race is proto-linguistic and fantasizes that the communication is a reality. At this stage in human evolution, many people cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. There are two primitive branches of language, logic and analogic. Lucid dreams are an analogic.

Re: Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 22 Feb 2015 19:21
by sedric
I think this would be totally in the experience of people like Brian Weiss or similar scientists.

Re: Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 22 Feb 2015 19:32
by Philosopher8659
Let us try this. Let us say that you wanted to test the psychology of an individual, to see if a function of language was actually understood in a mind.

If you gave them an analog presentation of a past life, would they conclude that memory of experience makes language functional, or would they imagine that they, themselves were alive when they obviously were not?

Or gain, under hypnosis, the same for seeing if a so called psychology expert were easily led to simple contradiction.

I am not convinced that Occam's Razor is responsible for so many suicides.

The human mind is constantly modeling. To claim that a possible model, which is not verifiable, is factual evidence of a previous life is something someone who has no business at all in psychology would say.

Re: Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 04 Mar 2015 17:43
by Nickfan40
I believe in past lives, too, but I have to keep it a secret from my mom and sister because they think it's evil or crazy.

My mother and I have both heard the voices, but we put that down to our guardian angels speaking to us. She has heard a voice telling her that everything would be all right after she had prayed that her heart test would turn out all right. I think we should all listen to those voices, but don't listen if they tell you to kill someone.

When I was listening to a past life regression tape once, I got some really strange impressions. I was a girl with long, black, curly hair and wearing an ankle-length beige and black dress. I was burying something in the ground, and then looking around to see if anyone saw me. As I was fading back into the present day, the scene turned into my own basement. When I woke up, I thought I had killed someone 150 years ago and buried them in the ground. I thought there was a body under the basement!

Just a few nights ago, when I was half-awake, I heard voices saying that there were gases under the house, but that they wouldn't hurt anyone. I was listening to alpha/theta waves, and bongos playing.

I used to think my Dr. McCoy/Deforest Kelley dreams were past life experiences, but he was just a dream character trying to advise me of things.

Re: Dreams about past lives?

Posted: 17 Mar 2015 02:08
by lucidgirl
I have had a similar experience to this !
I was laying in bed and not fully asleep but in a very relaxed state bordering sleep , then all of a sudden out of nowhere the phrase/ words came into my head , "Like birds of a feather, we belong together." and that sentence came with feeling of love like i shared with a soulmate, but it was soooo weird because I had never heard that before and it was such a clear sentence and it made me happy. So i thought this was bizarre so I also did some research and I came across a really really old song with those words in it that is a love song, so i eventually found an audio of it and it sounded so familiar that it freaked me out made my heart race and get goosebumps, but it made me feel happy, it was from way before i was born and theres no way id ever heard it before!
The only conclusion I could make was that in my past life this was a special song between me and my loved one.
Very interesting stuff, I still can't believe it