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Cryptic messages

Posted: 02 Oct 2015 00:51
by CelestialNuzzo
So, there's been a girl who's followed me around for years inside my dreams, although I've never had a "Lucid" dream where I KNOW I'm in a dream, but I always remember her. She's usually there.

She calls herself Andrea, and has this dark black hair with an... iridescent, I guess? purple shimmer to it. She wears all sorts of different things, but usually she wears this black-purple shirt and boots with blue jeans.

She has semi-transparent violet wings, making me feel (stupidly) like she's my guardian angel or something. :oops:

She's always talking to me, and she keeps telling me all this random stuff which I don't always remember. The stuff I do remember though makes practically no sense.

We always do everything together, but the one thing that confuses me immensely is that she seems aware of the dream. It's kind of scary, because I never know I'm in a dream until after, but she reacts to the crazy things that happen, not just taking them for granted like any of the other people in my dreams.

For example; The other night, I went to sleep, trying to have a Lucid Dream, and I kind of forgot what I was doing as I fell asleep.

I woke up in this huge city. Andrea (I call her Andr) is just standing there, and we go off for what I remember was to find some hotdogs. Right as we get to the shop, this huge fucking elephant runs thru town, and Andr's not calm like everyone else, she's screaming and trying to call Animal Control and all sorts of wild stuff, while other people explain calmly to us that elephants are the animals of the Republic and therefore entitled to roam the streets. :lol:

Anyyyyway, we have conversations and stuff, and she's not as oblivious as anyone else in my dreams.

I seem to recall her trying to explain to me I was in a dream once... but I was laughing at her, saying "Um, I think I'd know if I was in a dream!" and she got all pissed and flew away. Then I woke up.

So... I kind of want to talk to her, which is why I want to be able to Lucid Dream, so I'm aware when I'm talking.

She's very strange... help?
She's also the one who said my signature, from one of my earliest memories.

Once, I tried to kill her (I don't know why, was concentrating on using 'magic') and she was all like, "What the hell are you doing?!?" and when I attacked her, she put up this shield and then the dream fractured and I woke up...

Re: Cryptic messages

Posted: 03 Oct 2015 12:41
by taniaaust1
she does sound like a dream guide.

I guess you've asked her to try to help you LD? She could be very useful in helping you to wake you up. Think of asking her to tell you to reality check.

Re: Cryptic messages

Posted: 05 Oct 2015 13:23
by Lonely Tear
Very intresting,
I have a lot of similar characters i have meet trough the dreams like that, each with their own names, personalitys and stuff. i offen talk to them and explore my dreams with them by my side. from one who originaly found me in the dream, to one that thought me how to fly, i learned a lot from them and brought few important lessons home when i woke up.

so if im getting this right, you would like to learn how to lucid dream in order to meet her again?

im willing to help, as im lucid dreaming for past 3 or so years. i done fair amount of research as im fascinated by dreams and stuff. today im learning about art and drawing and plan to make comics so i can share my dreams wih the world.
i can tell you what might help you lucid dream and meet her again, if you want.

Re: Cryptic messages

Posted: 06 Oct 2015 00:44
by CelestialNuzzo
Yes, please. Any advice is helpful.

Re: Cryptic messages

Posted: 06 Oct 2015 02:17
by Lonely Tear
wery well..
lucid dreams can be really confusing thing to talk about and its mostly different for everyone... in same way, it is different how people learn it. its mostly coz they are new to us, and we are still learning (as a race) to use them and understand them. some people learn fast, and some can take a while, but end result is the same. all you need is strong enough will. as old saying goes, if there is a will, there is a way.

i learned lucid dreaming trough dream journaling. there are a few different ways people can learn how to do it, but i find this one to be the most effective.

ill try to explain it in as much detal as i can, however im sure you will find a lot of good information around here.

in order to lucid dream, you need to know how to dream first.. most people dream about 2-3 dreams a night, but they forget about 95% of it when they wake up. before you can learn to controll your dreams aka lucid dream, you need to get used to dreaming. dream journaling is a good way to go.
basicly, get yourself a nice comfy book and start writing down your dreams. as soon as you wake up, first 5 minutes after you open your eyes, start recalling what you dreamed about, and as soon as you can, take your book and write it down.
this is important coz in order to get your mind used to dreaming you need to make it look like its part of your everyday life, something you do all the time. you will start with few sentences... but eventualy as your progress your dreams will get longer and longer. try not to move too much when you wake up and try to think only about dreams, wake up few minutes earlyer if you have to. emotions, fealings and simular are also important to note, color as well.

find out what sleeping position your preffer, and as you go to bed, think about dreaming and lucid dreaming, tell yourself that you will go on an advanture and dream about cool stuff, and as time goes, you will start to dream more and more, geting used to this. this is your first step.

after a while, youll want to search for your dream sign. the dream sign is something you can find only in a dream and can help you tell a difference betwen dream world and real world, your in advantage here, as your character can be of great help, given that you meet her. dream signs can change from time to time. some people also tend to do Reality chek, wich is cheking simple things and seeing if they are out of place. lets say in real life, you can chek your hands, or try to jump thinking that you will fly, do this enough and sometimes, just out of blue, you will do it in the dream, at this point you might notice something isnt right and you will realise its a dream.
keep in mind, the process does work itself, but it takes some time and dedication, it took me over a year to master this, but i am happier then ever coz of it.

Final step is staying in the dream after you realise it.
this is hardest part of learning. after you find out taht you are in your dream, you will get exited. this will in 9/10 scenarios make you wake up. the trick is to fidn a way to stay calm and take controll. finding a way to calm down and focus at something, spining in place or falling and holding to the ground can work well, but keep in mind all of things can be different for you. youll have to do a bit of reserch.

last things i want to mention is the positives and negatives od lucid dreams.

positives... is that you get your own world to explore when you sleep. you can learn a lot about yourself, and it can help you in verious ways, beating old fears, takeing care of old problems. haveing fun and seeing things beyond imagination. imagine a videogame where you have no limits, you can do anything you want and there is nobody to stop you..
maybe you wanted to talk to an old friend that passed away, or maybe you want to sit and talk to go. you can, see whath appends. there is no limit.

the negatives, is that doing it way too much (like i do) 5+ times a week, can make you tired, as your bain needs rest during the night to prepere for the morning, ofcorse this isnt fatal and cant do any dmg to you, but its worth a mention. lastly Dream paralysis is worth mentioning just so you know what it is if you ever meet with it.

to help you understand what dream paralysis is, i need to go over something quickly. when you go to sleep, your brain stops the production of 3 chemicals that give your body ability to move muscless. thefore your body is sleeping, and your brain is active. this results in you being able to dream. however on the other hand, if this doesnt happend, results can be moonwalking or dream paralysis in wich case.. your brain is sleeping and your body is awake.
to put it simply, you will wake up in your bed unable to move. you will see, but you cant realy do anything for a while, this is scary coz wierd shadows and people may show up, you can hear distant screaming and some quite scary stuff. however this is normal, while it happends rarely it deserves a mention, it cant kill you or hurt you... it can just scare the everliving fuck out of you, in case you arent familiar with it.

thats all i have for now. i can share more about the topic, but ill do that in another post, as this one took a while. i hope it was interesting.

o yeah and sorry about my terrible spelling.