Dream personalities and characters

What have you learned from your dream characters? What do they say, what do they represent, what motivates them, why do they exist?
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Dream personalities and characters

Postby Shynia » 11 Jul 2018 12:26

I haven't got a lot of dreamcharacters but these are the most impressive ones:

My guardian dog(/wolf?): First seen in a nightmare where I had to face and probably fight giants. They weren't that big, just about double my size, but still, I knew from the beginnig that this is going to be a tiresome process of fleeing and fighting (sometimes I'm semi-lucid, somehow I'm conscious enough to know that it's a dream but not enough to think about interfering, when you have the remote in your hand but forget that you can switch channels wit it :? ). So I started charging the first and after a long and hard fight I managed to bring him down. After that I was looking for a high spot to take a look around and I saw all the other giants waiting in other areas. I desperately wanted to escape the whole scenario and went for a run around the nearest giant but I failed - it saw me and started attacking. Panicking, I started to back up and stumbled into a forest. It somehow felt like a bug in a game, where you accindentaly step out of the level. Behind me was no forest, only black nothingness. I even was standing on black nothingness! But in front of me there were a few trees and I could see the giant looking for me, unable to see me in that "off place". That was when that glowing dog or wolf appeared. It was made of pure light and I could make out so many details, like the eyes glowing in a different white/blue, completely blank without pupilles. It was just standing there and reached out to touch it, slowly, watching how it's glow made my hands transparent.
The whole scenario felt very calm and peaceful. I can summon him (I suppose it's a him?) in lucid state but the glow doesn't match the one in the total blackness. Still, feeling safe with him.

The old, scrawny man: I'm just about exiting my flat where I lived when I was a child, entering the staircase. There, directly next to our door, sits an old, realy skinny man, with a thin an long beard, looking at me. He sits there on the floor, without shirt, only in rags. I don't even question myself why there's someone sitting and want to jump down the first stairs, when I see the whole staircase shifting a little, like, wobbling a bit. Then I suddenly stop and think "weeeell, somethings odd here, maybe I'm dreaming?" (and that's my trigger, as soon as I ask myself I know it's a dream). And first thing I do is to ask the old man why he appears in my dream. His anser is super simple "because you want me to". Wow, not very helpful but still, he reappears in lots of my lucid dreams, just sitting, watching. His appearences are neither pleasent nor unpleasant, he is just there. Watching... me or the whole scenario I'm dreaming about. Never getting up, never interfering, just sitting there and watching. His skin is a little bit darker than mine, as if he had a long life working in the fields, making him thin and wiry, his skin leathery and dark.

My other personality: I have had that super short dream where I am crawling up a cliff, around and under me is lava but I'm not afraid of it or fleeing, just climbing up with ease. I reach the top, a small cave only lit by glowing lava with a stone sarkophagus in it. For the first time I can see myself, switching between 1st person and outside view back and forth. I am completely naked, my skin is a dark grey and I have writing over my whole body, as if it's part of my skin. It's a lighter tone than my skin and blue. It's not like words, but only signs etched in every last part of my body. I have no hair, only two horns curled backwars and I know that I am a servant... don't know for whom or why or anything else, only the one fact that I came to serve. Bamm, dream over, woke up with the weirdest feeling.
Since then I can summon this being who then takes over and I can only watch. But I only summon it when I'm in a lucid dream turning sour and I don't want to willing me back to a quiet scenario (which would mostly work but I have those bad feelings stuck with me and eventually they catch up with me, turning the dream sour again, so better deal with them in the first place). I somehow have the feeling that it wouldn't like to be summoned for fun. Like it's really stern and not a funny being, like the people where you crack a stupid joke and they stare at you with the "how can someone be so chlidish"-stare :lol:

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