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Origin of Dream Characters

Posted: 15 Apr 2013 14:27
by LucidLink
Hi everybody! So I'd like to bring up something I have to come realize myself, and that's not all DCs are just "made up". Ed from the LDE even met Metatron the archangel. People have met Gabriel. People have met dead loved ones and received unknown true information from them. People have met spirutal teachers, and received initiations through lucid dreams. People have met spirits. Most importantly maybe, people have met other real living people. The list goes on, and I believe it just go to show that much of the dream world is misunderstood at this point, and many DCs are not just our mindless creations.

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Re: Origin of Dream Characters

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 01:12
by dreamworld777
You could be right...I think there's so many questions that can't really be answered..such as dream characters and dream places.I know for sure myself that I have seen a dream character in real life twice.The same man.I posted it here on this forum a few months back under 'Has anyone ever seen a DC in real life'...or something like that.A man that I had a frightening dream about appeared in reality twice after I had this dream about him.He was EXACTLY the same,to a tee as in the dream.Driving the same vehicle,wearing the same clothes and even had the exact same dog in his truck.I nearly had a heart attack :o
He took no notice to me,just drove right by me.So I definitely do question where dream characters come from.I know that I have never seen this man a day in the whole of my life except for in that dream.
It would be amazing if we could ever find the answers to these things.

It's an interesting enough topic and it will be very interesting to see what others have to say and what their own experiences may be...I'll check back definitely :D

Re: Origin of Dream Characters

Posted: 16 Apr 2013 13:21
by taniaaust1
I do believe very real people may be in our dreams.. as one time daughter and I had a shared dream. (Ive also had a few other dreams in which I think real people were involved).
I do thou think most of the DCs, if not nearly all.. are just our subconsciousness.. other then the very few who arent.

Thing is.. my daughter in that shared dream, she didnt stand out as being any different to the other DCs during that dream.. if we didnt wake up at the exact same moment and call me into her room and tell me about her scary dream.. I would of never known it was a shared dream. (maybe thou if it had been a LD I would of noticed some difference in the DC which was her thou??).

I think this shared dream stuff can happen by mental body link up (mind to mind) or if someone is experiencing something real throu their astral body which they've mistaken for a dream (in that case two people on the astral plane other then a mind to mind link up).

Re: Origin of Dream Characters

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 11:08
by Summerlander
I had an interesting dialogue with a dream character today. I can't wait to tell you guys about it. It's my son's birthday today so I'll do it later x

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Re: Origin of Dream Characters

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 16:54
by mia
I have always assumed that they were from my deepest self ( the Awareness if you will ). And in that sense; if indeed we are all 'the one' than all of what LucidLink has suggested is more than possible. There are levels of awareness that can go deeper in 'real' life, and in the dream world life I think.

Once a DC who was a psychic followed me to tell me something she was anxious for me to know. When she told me, I felt inside that I had known it already, but just didn't want to face it. She even suggested kindly, that if I didn't believe her, I could come talk to the others and get their opinion ( the other psychics who were upstairs; long story).

Now lately, I haven't had a LD now for 2 weeks! :(
But I've been having endless dreams, where I am discussing dreaming with DCs. I have been reading Robert Waggoner's book, and The Yoga of Sleep and Dreams; and I've constantly been discussing the dreaming world with the DCs. I've been discussing Tibetan dream methods, flying, the subconscious... endless discussions. This morning, I woke up after one such dream realizing that I have as many dream world memories as I do real world memories. I have many memories AS I dream, related to my 'life' in the dream world. It's too hard to explain. Sorry. I've got a lot to think about from these conversations. These are not lucid dreams though. I wonder if they are not meant to be because of the information I need, and if I were lucid, I would have taken the dream somewhere else.

Re: Origin of Dream Characters

Posted: 21 Apr 2013 17:20
by dreamworld777
Summerlander wrote:I had an interesting dialogue with a dream character today. I can't wait to tell you guys about it. It's my son's birthday today so I'll do it later x

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Make sure you do.....I love hearing what dream characters have to say to us..... :D

Re: Origin of Dream Characters

Posted: 22 Apr 2013 18:37
by Summerlander

I woke up around 4 am and decided I was going to attempt to separate from my body. As I relaxed, a hypnagogic voice told me to buy my wife a car (my wife doesn't even have a licence). I thought that if I'm just gonna have a voice giving me silly advice when I'm trying to have an OOBE then I might as well fall asleep.

But then, it occurred to me to gently get up in an attempt at an OOBE-type exit. I did it but I was blind and immediately fouled (returned to the body against my wishes). Now I was feeling like I'd been given a dose of nitrous oxide, and, after a few seconds I separated again.

Again, blind, but I could feel the bed frame with my hands. I began to rub them and succeeded in manifesting vision. I began to intensify the lucid dream world by performing sensory amplification feats. The hallway environment lutside my bedroom was well lit but the colouring was dull. Something peculiar: even the walls and the ceiling were carpeted and the texture was like that of a bathroom matt.

I could hear myself breathing heavily and getting ready to enter the rippling mirror before me - my magical entrance to my workshop. I hesitated for a second. Do I enter the mirror now in order to see a manifested idea for a painting in the gallery of my workshop or do I check a deck of cards in my room to do an experiment?

I chose to head for the mirror...

On the other side of the mirror I found a slightly dark room and an Oriental boy stood before me. He looked about 8. By now, my memory had suffered. What was my plan? The boy approached me, held both of my hands and said: "Arlindo, where do you wish to go? We can go anywhere at all," and I replied, "Chinese boy, I can't remember my plan." At this point we are holding hands and slowly spinning. The boy continues: "You must be quick because my energy is low and I'm getting tired." I replied, "Chinese boy, wait, I'm trying to remember..."

Then, I could see the boy's frustration. "Arlindo, you're making me angry, we haven't got much time," and in a eureka moment, I replied, "I got it, Chinese boy, the painting..." - but it was too late and I fouled.

While I lay in bed I felt that I could pick up where I left off but decided to get ul and write the exlerience down. The "Chinese boy" puzzled me. I told my wife and she reminded me that we had watched Dirty Sanchez with our mates before bedtime. In the episode, the nutters were kissing lady boys. Funny how my wife interpreted where the boy in my lucid dream came from.

He was a "boy", Oriental looking like the lady boys in thailand, and his hair was like a lady's. Lucid dreams can be funny sometimes. LOL.

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