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Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 00:16

The Wikipedia definition is:
Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using subjective means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind".
Typically a remote viewer is expected to give information about an object, event, person or location that is hidden from physical view and separated at some distance.

You may wonder why, if there is any truth to this, doesn't the military use it for espionage? It turns out they did try it with the Stargate Project, but with no results. If you are a conspiracy theorist, like Mulder from the X-Files, you may think they are simply not divulging the whole truth. (So that neither proves nor disproves anything).

(I'm going to follow the scientific procedure. Knowing how subjective dreams and altered states of awareness can be, I'll try the best I can.)

    Tools you'll need:
  • A deck of cards
  • A place to sleep (near the cards preferably)
  • The ability to lucid dream, and preferably those OBE-type ones where you become aware in your own bed and can see your own room. (It's the closest thing to Remote Viewing that I know of).
Research Question:
Is is possible to view a playing card that is unbeknownst to you when awake, but see it in an altered state of consciousness?

One will see a random card of their subconscious's choosing.

Shuffle the cards, and take the top one off and prop it up against something so it is visible, but not from your current angle. It is unknown to you. Go to sleep, have a vivid lucid dream that takes place in your own home (preferably one that feels like an OBE) and try and view that card.

I can only share my experience in subjective story form, but it is the closest thing to scientific data any lucid dream/OBE experiment can provide. I will share my attempt and am eager for others to try as well.

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 00:22

Another variation I have tried is to shake a die in your hand and place it near your bed without looking at it. Then try and view the number. I did this last night, because I couldn't find a deck.

I have also decided to remove the Jokers in my deck (that I have set up permanently now). Knowing how my subconscious is already a prankster :P it may start presenting me with Jokers all the time. Plus now that my deck is Jokerless, if I ever do see one in my OBE-type lucid dream, I will know immediately that it is false and it's my subconscious yet again trying to fool me. (It's also important to make sure you have a full deck too). To keep jokers or not is purely up to you, but I personally got rid of them so I have a 1 in 52 chance of being right. (Way more than can be chalked up to coincidence if this works).

There are other side-benefits to this I have realized. When I place the object (dice, cards, anything) near my bed before going to sleep it plants a subconscious idea in my head and I tend to get a lucid dream as a result of that. It's like a reminder that I will be lucid when I sleep again, because it is on my mind when I sleep. Isn't that a variation of the MILD method? This can be mnemonic too

I've also had a lucid dream in a place nowhere like or near my actual house and tried to view the cards, but not only did it not work, if it did, it would not test remote viewing; That would be testing precognition. Another good experiment, but not this one. Remote viewing is not like guessing the number on the die or guessing a card. You are suppose to actually see it with your mind and not your eyes. Of course "seeing" actual objects in reality with your mind may not come visually and I am open minded to all the possibilities, having never experienced it myself. Perhaps the idea gets placed in your head, and it's more like precognition than I realize. But for now..... I am just sticking to the classic example of Remote Viewing.

Can I see ACTUAL objects in my room when I am supposedly "Out of Body"?

That's what this experiment is for, and another variation of this experiment can be made any other time, but I find it best to be as specific as possible and then try and change only one variable or restriction at a time.

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 00:30
Here is my 1st attempt:
(I hope I get more....)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I was in bed and I heard voices talking on a radio, and then thought, where is that coming from? I listened and then the sound became the ceiling fan clicking and whirling. I was just misinterpreting real world noises. I was in a hypnogogic/or/hynpnopompic/or false awakening state and hearing noises that the fan was providing. I was sleeping on my back with my right arm folded under the back of my head. I was looking at the wall beside me and felt a presence to my left. I thought it was probably me and I had separated from my body. (That might scare some, but I have gotten use to it). I used my right hand to feel around and felt the top hair of a head. The hair was short and I stroked it. I looked and saw a body there, but it had a face similar to my brother's, but the nose was pointed up with large nostrils showing.

I realized, I was probably already asleep so I tried to get up. (So obvious now, but at the time it can be hard to tell). It took all my effort and will power, and I felt extremely tired. I sat up and the body was no longer there in my way and then I stood up. I tried a reality check by moving an object, but it didn't work. I knew I was dreaming, but I also wasn't sure if I was sleep walking because it felt so real. I got up and left the room to see if there were any anomalies in the house. To my right was the bathroom and I looked in, but it all checked out. There was nothing out of the ordinary to tip me off. (In real life there IS no bathroom there, but I didn't realize that at the time). ( I get waking world amnesia <- good topic for another thread). I went back to my room to check on the card I had placed face up as part of my remote viewing experiment. I noticed a few cards where face up and fanned out, which is not how I left it when I slept, so I was sure now it was a dream.

Attempt #1:
I did not Remote View.
(I'll try again).

It's fun to try these experiments and we can always have our usual fun lucid dreams after it's tried. It doesn't take much time and is something to do if you ever have an OBE-type lucid dream that I described. Then you can go on and have fun afterward depending on your heart's desires. There might be other benefits too, like realizing you have a purpose in the dream and not just following along with the flow of the dream and being only half-aware-lucid. Or even helping you become lucid in the first place. Having a memory of waking life in the dream tends to make me even more lucid.

And even if nobody else tries this, I am going to post my experiences as they happen. (Hopefully)...
And feel free to share any other anecdotes about possible Remote Viewings you have had in the past, or Out of Body Experiences, or whatever happens if you attempt this experiment. Or maybe my dream I shared relates to you, and you want to respond to that... Although this is the 'science channel forum' this is also a social network and the purpose of this is not only science, but to HAVE FUN TOO! :D

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 01:18
by Goldkoron
I am going to try this, though I am not able to guarantee I can succeed a "OBE". I can just about 90% guarantee a lucid dream every night with enough meditation and focus.

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 01:33
My last attempt was September 26, a week ago. Although I have been lucid at least once a night for the past 5 nights, these OBE-type, false awakening lucid dreams are still a little rare for me. And sometimes my lucid dream goals escapes me, and I don't remember.

So patience is important.

But it's a good habit to try anyway and may help out in other ways as I described. (It certainly doesn't hurt).

P.S. Goldkoron, I edited my posts. I just elaborated more, if you want to read. But I will stop after this message. No more edits!

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 02:15
by lucidinthe sky
Thanks for posting the results of your experiment. I'm also going to try it but my OBEs are few and far between so it may be a long time before I have some results to post.

I would recommend sticking with cards and not dice because you want something with longer odds to rule out coincidence with more confidence.

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 03:18
I got my deck ready. (Now it's official). But I too may not get another OBE-type lucid dream for a while, but I have noticed the practice of doing it before bed increased my chances of being lucid. I've been naturally getting them 1-3 times a months so it's not something that will happen right away, and I will be patient. This is an on-going experiment and we can check in from time to time over the next months.

I only mention dice as an alternative if someone doesn't have any cards. But it's only a 1 in 6 chance and if you try and use two, the chances of 7 are increased, so that is flawed.
But I promised not to edit my post so I will leave it.

Let's please stick to playing cards. If you don't have any in your house then I must ask.... what planet are you from?, :lol: (just being sarcastic). We all have playing cards. It's the remote viewing in an OBE-type lucid dream that is tricky! I get them about 1-3 times a month so who knows when it will happen again.

If you try and fail and have an interesting story about it, write about it too. We learn from our mistakes.

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 06:05
by Peter
this will be a good thread to follow, why dont you try in a lucid dream as well. Just conjure up a pack of cards and see what you come up with

Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 12:50
by Summerlander
I've been doing this and so far in ten sessions have not had one hit - not even one! And I get my wife to shuffle the deck so there is no chance of my subconscious 'wild-guessing' the cards from touch and memory.

There have been so many misses that a hit wouldn't necessarily be significant, and, let's face it, it's bound to happen at some point just like when a gambler wins a bet sometimes.

As Richard Feynman used to say to people: "You wouldn't believe what happened to me today?" and they would enquire with excitement and curiosity, "What?"

"Absolutely nothing!"


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Re: Remote Viewing Experiment

Posted: 04 Oct 2013 15:50
Summerlander: Yea, the number of times being right have to be a lot more than just random chance.

Peter: I did check cards in a lucid dream which was nothing like my actual house. I flipped the top card over to guess what it was in the dream. The card was actually morphing into other cards as I was looking at it!

If I did get it right, then that would have been precognition (foresee what the next card is) and not remote viewing. So now I leave one propped up so it is visible, but not from my angle. I will try it too in any lucid dream and even ask someone if they know what the card is in a dream. Although not the classic case of remote viewing I was thinking of, technically it doesn't matter how you get the impression of the object. But it's important that it is visible and not the top card of a deck because that would be precognition. Another good test however.

I'll start doing both. Why not check the top card of the deck while I'm at it and test remote viewing AND precognition at the same time?

I'll probably get the same results as Summerlander, but it's worth a try. I wonder though, with an experiment like this, does my own opinion and prejudice about the outcome influence the result? When it comes to lucid dreams, if I believe I can't than of course I won't.....