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Re: Quantum Mechanical Dream World

Postby jasmine2 » 02 Aug 2014 01:29

I think this is an interesting excerpt from the Wikipedia article - "Quantum Mind".

Physicist David Bohm claimed that both quantum theory and relativity pointed to (a) deeper theory ... This more fundamental level was proposed to represent an undivided wholeness and an implicate order, from which arises the explicate order of the universe as we experience it."

Bohm's theory of the implicate order seems to me to be similar to the Buddhist concept of The Ground Of Being, the ineffable Void, which is without form and beyond conceptualization, but which is pregnant with all potential, and from which all things arise.

Here is an interesting article about the quantum level of energy in neural microtubules in the brain. -

- "Spatial Angle Modulation" - www.monroeinstitute.org/resources

A lot of this article is too technical for me to understand, but here are some excerpts. -
- Discussion includes - "contemporary scientific revelations about consciousness and neural microtubules (in relation to) a quantum mind hypothesis."

"Because microtubules exhibit resonance at specific audio frequencies ... it was possible to develop a system of resonant SAM wave patterns to align microtubule cellular structures ... This necessarily alters the geometry of the zero point field ... spaces ... at molecular and atomic levels within selected regions of the brain."

There is a description of "Spatial Angle Modulation" sound recordings, which may induce altered states of consciousness. (Some similarities to the effects of binaural beat audio recordings used for entrainment of brain wave frequencies.)

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Re: Quantum Mechanical Dream World

Postby Summerlander » 02 Aug 2014 01:37

Thanks for sharing, Jas. I will thoroughly examine your links pretty soon.

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