Interesting Survey about Lucid Dreaming & Meditation

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Interesting Survey about Lucid Dreaming & Meditation

Postby BALuDreMed » 15 Jun 2014 11:14

Hello fellow Lucid Dreamers!
I'm Gianna, a Cognitive Science Student from Osnabrück, Germany. I'm writing my Bachelorthesis about the connection between Meditation and Lucid Dreaming, what they have in common, both on a neuroanatomical level, but also on a personal level, read: why do people meditate and why are they trying to lucid dream; what do they feel while meditating and what do they feel while dreaming lucidly.

Studies suggest that people who meditate regularly are better lucid dreamers, you can download the studie by clicking on the link below, it will automatically download the pdf-file.

To answer these questions I'm conducting an online survey and I would be really, really grateful if you could take between 5 and 10 minutes to answer my questions about your experience with lucid dreams and meditation. You don't have to meditate to answer my questions. If you've never tried meditating thats fine, too, you can only answer the lucid dreaming part. Participate here:

It's completly anonymous and I'm not asking you to answer any personal questions such as name, age, email-adress etc :)

Thanks so much in advance.

All the best and happy dreaming,

The link to the study (Clicking on it will automatically start the download!!) :),d.ZWU

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